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Friday, September 16, 2022

Numbers Really Do Matter

I have always loved math and numbers. I love them because of their certainty, their preciseness, and my confidence that ‘truth is in the numbers.’ I am untroubled by the suggestion that numbers can be manipulated to show or prove anything, because numbers will tell the truth upon review.

A significant part of the progressive game plan is to cause normal people to doubt reality by creating questions where there should be none. We are asked to close our eyes to what have always been obvious truths; that there are two genders, that only women get pregnant, and that two plus two equals four. In truth, we are not just asked to accept the existence of multiple genders, pregnant men, and two plus two is equal to whatever sum a loony progressive math instructor decrees. It is demanded of us, lest we be deemed racists, misogynists, hopeless bigots, or worse................

 Progressive manipulation depends on the fact that if we are willing to abandon common sense and reality in one instance, we will surely be malleable enough to allow the same alterations to logic and truth in any context. Lemmings will blindly follow each other over a cliff, not knowing or caring about the result of a fall from a great height. Those windmills and solar panels will more than provide all the energy we need. Fossil fuel usage and nuclear power are tools of capitalist demons and white supremacist terrorists who want to destroy society.........To Read More....


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