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Friday, September 16, 2022

Democrats espouse diversity but practice racism

September 16, 2022 By Alan Halbert

Democrats talk about diversity but their obsession with Critical Race Theory, which is premised on anti-White racism, gives the game away. What’s really happening thanks to their policies is that America’s Blacks are falling ever further behind.

Just look at America’s inner cities, which are almost entirely Black and Democrat-controlled. It seems as if depraved indifference is the only thing explaining why 52 Democrat-run cities are more deadly than Ukraine at the height of its war.

Ukraine’s civilian death rate was 13.12 per 100,000 people according to the UN. Meanwhile, here are the statistics for the three most deadly cities in America: St. Louis, Missouri, has a rate of 87 murders per 100,000 residents; Baltimore, Maryland, has a rate of 58.27 murders per 100,000; and New Orleans, has a murder rate of 74.12 per 100,000.

St. Louis’s murder rate means that, for every person killed in Ukraine, 6.7 are murdered in St. Louis. Given that Missouri’s average death rate is 12.094 deaths per one hundred thousand for slightly more than 6 million people, living in St. Louis is 719% more deadly than living in the rest of the state. Another way to understand this is that, for every death in the state at large, seven are murdered inside St. Louis’s ghetto......................To Read More....


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