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Friday, September 30, 2022

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich

Political Cartoons by AF Branco

The number of disastrous decisions and policy blunders by the Biden administration is mind boggling.  How can there be so many incompetent people in so many responsible positions?  It's simple, it's part of "the plan", and get over this clabber there's no plan to dismantle America.  There is, and those in power are part of the plan, and it's been an active plan since the 1890's.  Always adapting, always changing, always willing to adopt the philosophical flavor of the moment,  and until now obfuscating what they really stand for.  But the goal of destroying America as we know it was always their guiding light.   I do wish more people read a history book once in a while......maybe even a few.  

Today's edition of P&D is in my opinion one of, if not the most profound, provocative and informative issues I've published this year.  

There are four commentaries by me, one of which is a blast from the past.

Then we have five more commentaries, two by Dan Mitchell, all of which outline just how damaging the left has been to the nation and the world.  Deep State Corruption isn't a conspiracy theory, it's real, and it's dangerous, it's goal is a form of tyrannous global governance based on central planning and control of everything, including every aspect of your life, by a handful of elitists.

 And I have two posts I think are important as background and clarity of understanding.

This week has been wet, rainy and cold, and I've had time to do some work researching material, and I have to say I really appreciate all the correspondence I get from my e-mail group and others, which are filled with their thoughts on all these issues.  It saves me a lot of time and work.  I've not done any of my regular searches yet today, but my week is done, and I will be back Monday.  

Have a great weekend and best wishes,


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