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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Deceptions of Government and Corporate Elite Threaten America

by | Jul 6, 2022 | s, @ America Out Loud

Is the Biden administration the most dishonest federal executive office in American history? One way to help decide this is to visit the home page of the White House, and do a search on the phrase “climate change.”

The results are documents riddled with mistakes, many so glaringly obvious, that one can only conclude that the Biden administration is engaged in bold-faced lying. 

For example, in “Supporting Economic Growth While Tackling Climate Change,“ a November 15, 2021 blog post, the Biden White House told us:

“Shifting to a cleaner energy system will pay dividends by reducing the immediate threats—and resulting costs—of extreme weather. As noted in a recent CEA brief, these reforms will not only help the planet, but will also expand the economy, deliver jobs across America, and promote equity.”

None of this is remotely true, of course.

The so-called “cleaner energy system” President Joe Biden wants America to switch to is one based on wind and solar power, both of which are arguably the least clean energy sources on the planet. The environmental impacts of manufacturing, operating, and disposing of these energy sources are gigantic, as explained in the 2021 book Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping citizens understand the environmental and humanity abuses that support ‘clean’ energy, by engineer and energy consultant Ronald Stein and Todd Royal, an independent public policy consultant focusing on the geopolitical implications of energy. 

Strike one!

The idea that “the immediate threats — and resulting costs — of extreme weatherwill be in any way positively affected by America’s use of “clean energy” is also completely absurd for two reasons. 

  • First, nature couldn’t care less what energy sources we use. Extreme weather events will continue to happen no matter what we do and we had better darned well be ready. 
  • And second, as demonstrated in the February 2021 Texas deep freeze disaster in which 700 people died, it was the over-reliance on wind power that worsened the disaster. So, yes, there is a relationship between “shifting to a cleaner energy system” and “the threats — and resulting costs — of extreme weather.” It is that the more “clean energy” you have in an electrical grid, the greater the threat and costs of extreme weather. 

Strike two! 

Next Biden’s White House claims that these reforms will “help the planet” – wrong again. As Stein and Royal demonstrate, the planet is massively damaged by “clean energy.” 

“Expand the economy?” Nope, wrong again. Otherwise, why would wind and solar power need such massive government subsidies and preferential treatment to survive? 

“Deliver jobs?” Studies in Europe show that more jobs are lost in the economy at large due to soaring energy prices that follow a shift to wind and solar power than are gained in the green energy sector. 

“Promote equity?” Wind and solar power promote inequity because of the impact of the massive increases in the price of power that following a transition of wind and solar power falls disproportionally on the poor and disadvantaged in society. 

Strike, three, four, five, and six. Two batters are already out and we have analyzed only one paragraph of one of Biden’s blog posts. 

Strictly speaking, one can never say with absolute certainty that Biden, or anyone else, is lying, of course, since that would require mind-reading. But when one considers the gross and obvious errors that the Biden administration makes over and over again in so much of their communications on this one topic – climate change – the only alternative explanation is that they are complete and utter morons. It is far more reasonable to conclude that they are, in effect, lying. 

This is just one small snapshot of a fatally destructive trend in today’s America – the increasing acceptance of lying as a way of life, especially for the Left. Let’s examine this phenomenon more closely.

In 1840, Alexis de Tocqueville’s admonished our nation following his tour of it that “America is great because she is good, and if America will cease to be good, America will cease to be great.” The years since that prescient declaration have abundantly proven Tocqueville right.

America’s founding on values, rather than strictly on ethnicity or religion, make this nation exceptional among the countries of the world — but only as long as we retain those values. Many other countries are neither moral nor immoral, but rather “amoral,” with their regimes simply doing whatever they think will sustain them, without reference to any moral compass. This creates problems for the United States in our foreign entanglements. We continue to deal with Iran under the belief that its government will keep its promises regarding the development of nuclear weapons, and with China under the premise that its government will attempt to reduce greenhouse gases. In reality, the only way to do business with many countries is through bribery, fabrication, and collusion.

Unfortunately, the United States is coming increasingly to resemble those nations. In a wonderful book by Alexandra York titled “Lying as A Way of Life: Corruption and Collectivism Come of Age in America” York identifies examples of how lying no longer brings the negative consequences it once did in America. Can there be a better example, she says, than the fact that the vast majority of Americans see Hillary Clinton as a dishonest liar, yet millions voted for her anyway? Does this mean, she asks, “Americans now accept lying as normal by politicians?”

Although York avoids partisanship, she uses many of then-President Barack Obama’s claims about his programs as examples of blatant lies. Of course, all readers, even Obama’s greatest supporters, will recognize that his arguments for Obamacare were fraught with outright falsehoods. As part of her explanation for what she characterizes as Obama’s continuous disregard for the truth, York notes that he grew up in Indonesia, where lying was a way of life. As a young adult in the United States, he came under the influence of community organizer Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals (1971), which has helped to guide so many groups desiring to undermine America through deceit.

Lying As a Way of Life doubles as a political history of all the political-economic systems based on deceit, including communism, socialism, fascism, and today’s progressivism, all of which stand together at the opposite end from America’s foundations of blind justice, individual freedom, subsidiarity (government always at the most local level possible) and market capitalism. Progressivism is widely misunderstood as benign, because the word sounds forward-looking and full of promise, seducing the uninformed into thinking they are supporting a better future when in fact the system is as destructive as the other three. These systems can all be categorized under the broader concept of collectivism, which proposes that the welfare or good of society should prevail over the rights of the individual.

This idea was put into play by the leader of the Communist Party way back in 1944 when Alexander Trachtenberg, at a rally in Madison Square Garden in New York City said, 

“When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take you under the label of Communism. We will not take you under the label of Socialism…We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable, we will take it under Liberalism, under Progressivism, under Democracy. But take it we will.” 

In the United States, they are doing this under the guidance of billionaires such as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and most of the jet setters who recently attended the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. There they continued their plot to change the world into a system they can rule. You see, many if not most, mega-rich people are sure they can run your life and the world better than you or us because they so cleverly made vast fortunes. 

If you still believe in the honor of many of our leaders and their appointees, simply consider the many scandals that have rocked America of late, the healthcare deception, the Supreme Court’s perversion of the constitution, crony capitalism, Medicare fraud, welfare scams and IRS attacks on political out-groups, to name just a few.

It is reasonable to fear that today’s pervasive government and corporate corruption will result in more amorality among the public. When a country that is historically moral, tolerates leaders in the political and business worlds who are proven to be chronic liars, a previously honest general population begins to feel free to adopt deceptive practices as well, resulting in corruption becoming dominant in America.

Alexandra York will be our guest on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY this next weekend, July 9 and 10 at both 11 am and 8 pm both days, on America Out Loud Talk Radio, to discuss actions that Americans can take to prevent our decline into the malevolence that infects too many other countries. Some of the actions we hope to discuss include not accepting lies when you know better, refusing to be intimidated, standing firm in your moral beliefs, refusing to cave into others, and reading Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to know the enemy, supporting honorable politicians and fighting for our Constitution. Join us to learn how you can promote an honest and decent America!


Dr. Jay Lehr is a Senior Policy Analyst with the International Climate Science Coalition and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute. He is an internationally renowned scientist, author, and speaker who has testified before Congress on dozens of occasions on environmental issues and consulted with nearly every agency of the national government and many foreign countries. After graduating from Princeton University at the age of 20 with a degree in Geological Engineering, he received the nation’s first Ph.D. in Groundwater Hydrology from the University of Arizona. He later became executive director of the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers.

Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition, and a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute. He has 40 years experience as a mechanical engineer/project manager, science and technology communications professional, technical trainer, and S&T advisor to a former Opposition Senior Environment Critic in Canada’s Parliament.

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