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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Letitia James parades her economic and entrepreneurial illiteracy

For years, most of the media, the federal Justice Department, and other Democrats have waged a vendetta against Donald Trump, perpetuating endless investigations in search of crimes.  So far, their efforts have failed, but that's not stopping another left-wing loon from boarding the Trump Derangement Syndrome train.

Since New York attorney general Leticia James could not find a crime, she has promised voters that she would destroy Trump, and now, since election is coming soon, she's suing Trump and his family for alleged fraud for supposedly claiming that their property was worth more than it is. 

If the Trumps committed bank fraud, as James says, they would have sued him and filed a criminal referral on him, but they did not.  The state was not a victim, nor the bank, nor the citizens of New York, so why is she suing?  Well, either she's extremely dimwitted or the move is purely for political reasons....... To Read More


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