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Friday, September 16, 2022

The art of destroying a nation

To unite a nation, its people must share common values and traditions deemed vital for the preservation of society.  This bond ignites a sense of patriotism and duty to protect and defend these fundamental values and traditions.  When a united nation faces an enemy, its people are willing to make tremendous sacrifices to ensure peace and prosperity for future generations.

To divide a nation, its people must be convinced or manipulated into believing that the values and traditions deemed vital are actually flawed and obsolete.  To achieve this division, one must examine the foundation on which these values were built, identify the cracks, and exploit them until the foundation becomes compromised.  Then sit back and watch your handiwork as everything collapses.  Once the dust settles, a new foundation can be built.

This divide, destroy, and transform strategy is the methodology of an enemy from within...........Some evil people have spent years identifying and exploiting cracks in America's foundation.  Our faith in God, the nuclear family, and the freedoms we cherish are being plucked away brick by brick.  With the mainstream and social media companies providing cover, these people are able to unleash their narratives and use the weapon of words to divide us................To Read More....


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