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Friday, September 16, 2022

‘Cruelty’ is trending, but you’ll never guess why

September 16, 202 By Olivia Murray

As of yesterday afternoon, the word “cruelty” was trending on Twitter (the tech company applies a 24-hour metric for determination), and there were almost 52,000 tweets which included the buzzword — yet I was unable to find anything that actually satisfied the definition.

Initially, you might have guessed there was an online discussion regarding the “cruelty” of  abortion methods, which often see preborn children drawn and quartered by surgical clamps or curettes; or perhaps the “cruelty” experienced by trafficked children at the hands of the Mexican cartels; or possibly even the “cruelty” of a tyrannical government shuttering small businesses and absolutely desecrating livelihoods and American citizens’ hard-earned financial security.

But all those assumptions would have missed the mark completely.  No, Twitter was alight with angry leftists — thought that’s nothing out of the ordinary — but this time, it was because Ron DeSantis dumped around 50 illegal aliens in the elitist enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. ............To Read More...

  •  Biden Rages Against Republicans Bringing Border Crisis to Democrat Elites…- President Joe Biden on Thursday expressed his frustration with Republican governors sending migrants from the Southern border to Democrat-run cities, calling their actions “Un-American.” “Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props,” Biden said. “What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s un-American. It’s reckless”...............
  •  Breitbart Business Digest: Martha’s Vineyard Could House Six Million Refugees… - What’s the carrying capacity of Martha’s Vineyard?  We found ourselves asking this question on Thursday when the island off Cape Cod announced that it was experiencing a “humanitarian crisis” after 50 people arrived there seeking shelter. These were reportedly migrants, some of whom may be refugees from Venezuela’s communist dictatorship, who had reportedly been flown up to Martha’s Vineyard on a plane sent to pick them up from Texas by Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis...........
  •  Ted Cruz on Martha’s Vineyard ‘Crisis’: ‘15,000 Haitian Illegal Immigrants’ Entered Del Rio in One Day… = Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put some much-needed perspective on the influx of migrants into Martha’s Vineyard this week, noting that 15,000 illegal immigrants from Haiti entered Del Rio, Texas, in a single day.............
  •  MSNBC Host Proves the Brilliance of Sending Illegals to Democrat Cities - It's always a bit tricky to keep up with the left's talking points because, well, they have no real standards — other than double-standards — underlying their stated beliefs. A prime example of their surface-deep commitment to "social justice" has been the liberal reaction to illegal immigrants showing up in Democrat-run cities. The same people that fill their lawns with "hate has no home here" signs have now become "not in my back yard" activists.  It's been happening in Chicago with Lori Lightfoot, New York with Eric Adams, Washington with Muriel Bowser, and most recently Martha's Vineyard and Vice President Kamala Harris' front yard. In response, even the mainstream media is now scrambling to reset the narrative in order to attack red states who are simply engaged in something the left loves: redistribution.  ................As Katie reported, "the Biden Administration is flying unaccompanied minors and family units to cities around the country in the middle of the night." Sounds a bit like Biden decided to "fling human beings somewhere" which, according to Hayes' latest position on the practice, is "deeply sick and dehumanizing."

My Take So, what's DeSantis' answer to all the caterwauling from these leftist hypocrites?  DeSantis Staff: Thousands More Migrants Could Be Headed to Martha's Vineyard

The left is really great at a number of things.  

  • The ability to redefine language from clear and definable meaning into irrational and confusing leftist babble.  
  • The ability to twist history to fit their narrative of the moment.
  • The ability to project their failings onto others.  
  • The ability to spew out logical fallacies without even thinking about them.  
  • The ability to place massive burdens on the shoulders of others while screaming outrage if they have to carry a toothpick.  
  • The ability to demand perfection from others while failing to perform at even basic standards of competence.  
  • The ability to make their hypocrisy someone else's fault.  
  • The ability to lie without one iota of guilt or conscience.  

And they're running the country.  What could possibly go wrong? 


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