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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Era of the Bonehead

By ——--September 24, 2022

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 Has competence and wisdom gone out of style?  Is it lost forever?  Is Biden the personification of what America has become?  Have we entered the era of the inept, the Era of the Bonehead? 

You ask a random college student who we fought to gain our independence and they just stare at you, or they say something stupid like…Spain?  And the teachers want a raise.   Why do you have to look so hard to find someone in leadership who can put two sentences together with any meaning, without diversion?  Why has common sense become so uncommon?  Why are so many leaders and everyday folk so seemingly gullible?

Teachers don’t teach, they indoctrinate

Why are we spending trillions of dollars thinking we can change the climate of our planet while China is building 3X more coal-fired power plants as the rest of the world combined?  We are told that we must reduce emissions, even from cows, when one moderate volcanic eruption can negate any environmental progress by several decades.  And there are 1,350 active volcanoes in the world with probably 20 erupting as I write this..........To Read More...

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