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Monday, November 14, 2022

Suffering is the Beginning of Wisdom: Part I, It's All Trump's Fault! By Rich Kozlovich 

This election is a shocker to just about everyone, including me. I expected to see forty seats go Republican in the House and two in the Senate, and I actually thought they could possibly take five or six. Well, I was just as wrong as the rest.  The Democrats will have control of the Senate, giving Chuck Schumer another two years of tyranny to pick our pockets, drive us deeper into debt and destroy the very fabric of America's culture and structure.  

Republicans hold 212 seats in the current Congress, and needed to pick up just six more to gain the majority, and while it's being predicted they will get 9, giving them 221 seats, that's a far cry from what was expected, and now it looks as if they may not even get a majority.  So, what went wrong?  Well, there can only be one answer?  I's Trump's fault ....of course it is!  What other explanation can possibly be acceptable?  Orange man bad, very bad!!!!!!

Well, maybe.....just maybe mind you........ there might be one or two other explanations, so let's do a little analysis on the election, and view the current themes being promoted.  

First off, Trump isn't the know all be all, and his business failures are testimony to that, but, failure creates insights, and he's the best available.  I don't like him, I will never like him, but it's impossible to fail to recognize what he has to offer is far and above what any of these others have to offer, or can hope to achieve.  In four years he accomplished more than the previous four President combined, all of which the Biden administration is destroying, and we're to believe America thinks that's a good thing.  Imagine that.

None of these people have ever negotiated for anything at the level he has.  That kind of experience is priceless, and this penchant for blaming Trump for this loss is nothing more than RINO ax grinding to move the blame from where it really belongs:  The Republican Party leadership at the state and national levels.
  • It wasn't trump who nominated so many unqualified candidates, it was the state Republican leadership.
  • It wasn't Trump who failed to attack the left regarding fraudulent voting, it was the invertebrates in every state and national Republican leadership.
  • It wasn't Trump who refused to fund good candidates as did McConnell.  It was the national leadership.
  • It wasn't Trump who agreed 40 years ago to restrict Republican poll watchers, it was the Republican leadership.  It wasn't Trump who crumbled and gave in on what had now become a "Decades-Old Consent Decree Lifted Against RNC's 'Ballot Security' Measures".  Clearly that was the act of invertebrates fearing bad publicity.  
  • It isn't Trump who is responsible for these loses!!!

So then, who is responsible for all that?  The Republican Party leadership, and I use the word leadership loosely.   The very same people who railed against Trump are the very ones responsible for every failure.  

Richard McDonough notes the following in his article, Republican Leadership Worse than Worthless:

Republicans have brilliantly supported the Democrat push for early voting and mail-in ballots that even Jimmy Carter’s commission concluded is ripe for cheating, and which the Democrats have used since the pandemic to defeat Republicans..............Mitch McConnell and ten other Republicans — John Cornyn (TX), Thom Tillis (NC), Roy Blunt (MS), Rob Portman (OH), Lindsey Graham (SC), Richard Burr (NC), Pat Toomey (PA), Susan Collins (ME), Mitt Romney (UT) and Bill Cassidy (LA) — all eager to virtue-signal and show how much they care, agreed to the Democrat framework for gun control, not understanding that the problem of gun violence in America is a moral problem rooted in the destruction of the family, the proliferation of drugs, thugs and a “gang culture” in which rebellion and violence are glorified; not a problem with the inanimate hardware per se.

Mitt Romney marched with the corrupt and Marxist-led Black Lives Matter movement saying that “we have to stand up and say ‘black lives matter,’”...........Mitch McConnell came out, and naturally not in private where it would be most appropriate, but rather in public to provide the Democrats a great talking point, and disparaged many of the Republican senate candidates as “bad candidates.”........  McConnell seems more interested in defeating Trump-affiliated firebrands than he is in defeating Democrats..............The feckless behavior by Republicans by no means began recently.............

It was Trump who accomplished much in face of massive hostility from the "mainstream media, Hollywood, and all public forums", resistance in his own party and even treasonous activity undermining his efforts in his administration, and not only did he do well....again..... he did better than all the previous four Presidents combined.  

So now all the hype about the Red Wave failure is his fault?   

It was Trump who went to Europe and demanded they pay their NATO dues.  It was Trump who opened up the Keystone XL pipeline and expanded drilling nationwide until we not only became energy independent, we sold energy to the rest of the world, including Europe.  It was Trump who scraped that insane Paris Agreement on climate.   It was Trump who put foreign policy in place that made it clear America's military wasn't going to jump into any foreign wars, and replaced the military funding Obama took away. 

So, why is all this Trump's fault?   

America has voted for those who promote crime, higher taxes, uncontrolled spending, massive inflation, sexual grooming of our children in America's schools, the murder of the innocent unborn, unrestricted immigration, drug use, violence against political opponents, and the end of free speech.  

Do we really believe America voted for that? 

Flawed as Trump may be, it seems clear to me he's truly saddened over what's happening to America, otherwise why would he put himself through all the suffering he's endured, is enduring and will continue to endure?  And make no mistake about's that obnoxious personality that's needed to cut the trail through this political jungle the left has created. 

America is suffering, and that suffering is going to get worse as the Democrats now have secured the Senate and it looks as if they may hold the House.  Suffering is the beginning of wisdom, and on the surface is appears America has failed to make any withdraws of our national bank account of wisdom.  But is that really true, or is it shadow over substance?  We'll explore that in this series.

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