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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Female Athletes Forced to Compete Against ‘Trans Women’ Drop Out of Martial Arts Competition Madeline Leesman

Madeline Leesman November 15, 2023
A martial arts competition changed its rules regarding transgender athletes after several female athletes dropped out of a competition over fears they would have to compete against males who identify as women.  In an interview with Reduxx, professional martial artist Jayden Alexander explained that she and other females were scheduled to compete in a tournament on Oct. 21, but dropped out when they realized how many males were involved.........Ansleigh Wilk, shared that “majority of the women feel scared to even speak out about this matter. They don’t want to be labeled a bigot or transphobic.”............Riley Gaines, who competed against transgender swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas, commented on the matter.  “In the name of inclusivity and feminism, males are brutally beating up on women and being awarded for it.”........... To Read More.....
My Take - Finally!  This is what has been needed from the start.  Simply refusing to accept this insanity by refusing to compete with men who are clearly scamming the system, and know they're scamming the system, and getting support for their scam by a corrupt and insane media and socially destructive leftist movements. . The sad part is they shouldn't have  had to do this in the first place.   Entirely too many gutless lunatics are in charge of these organizations, much like the members of Congress.  You may wish to review Andrea Widburg's commentary,  Men are taking over women’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Andrea notes in her commentary that she has trained in this martial art saying:
"at the dojo where I trained, men and women rolled together. This means I have experience grappling with both men, who were holding back as hard as they could, and with women, who were not.  Even with their settings on low, the men were more formidable opponents than the women were. 
They had greater bone mass and greater muscle mass. Where women, because of biology, had a lot of space and softness between hip and head, men did not. They were solid, without a forgiving waistline or more delicate neck. Theoretically, I could have choked out one of my women partners; I could never have choked out the men, whether in theory or fact.
Those are biologically indisputable facts, and for anyone to push these men into women's sports is insanity or cowardice, or both, but this is the tip of the iceberg.  

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