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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Welcome to Our Snake Oil World

By Rich Kozlovich 

Remember when the "Wonderful World of Disney" was enjoyed and loved by so many? Well, it's not any longer, and I'm glad Walt's dead and can't see what's happened to his Wonderful World.  Who could have dreamed anyone could have so thoroughly destroyed the wholesome entertainment Walt Disney presented to the world?   And that destructive behavior is ubiquitous.  Who replaced that wholesomeness with what we're seeing in the world today?  

Snake Oil Salesmen
Answer: The all wise, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful snake oil salesmen masquerading as world and national leaders. As Mark Twain said to a snake oil salesman. 

“You, sir, are the scion of an ancestral procession of idiots stretching back to the Missing Link”

A clear definition for these leftists who promote their corruption with fraudulent elections,  bad entertainment, multiple genders, treasonous government, failed  immigration, lies offered as intelligence, corrupt justice, fake meat, false medicine, propaganda as news, paid protestors, false racism, junk science, and a lot of real trouble!

I really love this fake meat issue.  They're even trying to force people to eat bugs, and naturally "that is a must" if we're to save the world from the disaster of global warming.  Global warming, a blatantly unscientific fraud.  Imagine that, eating bugs to save the world from a problem that doesn't exist.   Now, I have to ask: Who wouldn't want to be on board with that?  

The WEF even wants to ban home grown food.  And once again, an absolute necessity if we're to save the world from global warming.   Is global warming really terrible?  Well, here's a list of all the things global warming causes.  There's just no end to the horrors of global warming.  Unless of course it's all junk science, and it is.

This isn't the first time leftists tried to force people to eat what they tell them to eat versus what they want to eat. In 1930 Italy's fascists wanted to stop Italians from eating pasta.  What, no pasta in Italy? And why?   Because pasta was unhealthy and pasta was prevented Italy from progressing.  Right?  So, what was their solution?  They promoted rice, but it turned out there was an economic ulterior motive for that.  Rice could be easily grown in Italy, and a lot of wheat had to be imported.  

But no matter, that was just a temporary fix anyway, until they could replace all of that silly food with their "ultimate solution"....which was..."the government...... [would] replace all food with nutritional pills, powders, and other artificial substitutes."  Wow!  That really sounds tasty........... don't you think? 

In May protestors at UCLA found it unacceptable the university was blocking food and water from coming in to their illegal encampment.  According to them, "this is not normal. It’s unacceptable.”  With one nitwit faculty member saying all this was "torturing protestors".   

So....I'm gonna take a long shot guess here and say a hunger strike is out of the question for these protesters?  Waddayathink?   From the look of some of the “ladies”, they weren't gonna starve to death that afternoon.

I would love to know if this nitwit “faculty” member got fired. She certainly should have.  What company employee would be allowed to get away with this kind of crap in the real world?   Can you imagine a company executive, or any company employee, going out and bringing food to strikers, and not getting fired? I can’t, and she needs fired.

Protestors are the least of UCLA's problems.  It turns out their embrace of DEI is turning out  medical students that are a disaster.  Why? To fix the world of it's institutional racism of course.  After all:  "All Things Great and Small.....Are Racist".  

Academia is in serious need of purging, and that should start with an amputation of all their funding, end tenure, and make it illegal for them to accept foreign donations, and foreign students, which is a serious source of funding.  These students will not become Americanized any more than all those who received Rhodes Scholarships became Anglicized.   

No biggie, just the end of civilization:

It seems that in the hysteria that followed George Floyd's death in 2020, we agreed to destroy all of Western civilization -- law, music, art, education, policing, science and medicine -- to make up for black people not doing well on standardized tests.......thousands of institutions that have flung aside standards in order to more fully dedicate themselves to the sole, driving purpose of our nation: boosting black people's self-esteem.

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