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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Election Integrity: Some States Responding

By Robin Itzler

Editor's Note: This is one of the commentaries selected from Robin's weekly newsletter Patriot Neighbors. Any cartoons appearing will have been added by me. If you wish to get the full edition, E-mail her at to get on her list, it's free. RK

After watching 2020 Democrat shenanigans (aka election fraud), some states have or will be making election integrity front and center for the 2024 election.

Arizona—Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs isn’t into election integrity. That’s why, in November, Arizonians must vote to greatly restrict voting by mail for future elections.

Georgia—There will be limits on where ballot drop boxes can be placed.

Nevada—The state’s supreme court unanimously ruled 7-0 that if an initiative gains enough signatures, voters could vote in November on whether the state will adopt strict photo ID rules.

New Hampshire—Its Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill that would eliminate exceptions to the state’s voter identification requirement. Now every voter must have photo identification.

North Carolina—Voters will have to show photo identification to vote in the November election.

Pennsylvania—Voters must write on the envelope the date they return their mail ballot. An appeals court ruled that undated ballot envelopes or envelopes with the wrong date will be rejected.

Wisconsin—In 2021, the conservative majority Supreme Court ruled against drop boxes starting in 2022. However, in 2023, liberals took control of the court and agreed to revisit that ruling with a decision expected this summer.

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