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Saturday, June 22, 2024

P&D and The Week That Was

Truth is the Sublime Convergence of History and Reality

De Omnibus Dubitandum (Everything is to be questioned)

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By Rich Kozlovich 


This week I've added a singular link to my posts, which is in effect two articles, C.S. Lewis: When science becomes magic, Parts One and Two, and I think you will find it worth your time.  I have four articles of my own, and twenty two excellent pieces by others, and I think Robin Itzler's pieces are really provocative, especially regarding the idea that crime is down based on the FBI data.  Its wrong, and she explains way.

I've found articles dealing with the CIA, NSA, FBI and their misdeeds involving Joe McCarthy, and the Venona Intercepts.  I've followed all of this for many years, and yet as more information has come out the more shocking it has all become, and even upsetting some of my understanding of events.  Which I'm happy to amend for the sake of truth, justice, and the American way.

We're heading into a Seldon Crisis economically, socially, and culturally, and it doesn't look good, which I address in my commentary below.  Regarding the Israel/Hamas War, Andrea Widburg makes a profound point saying:

“A rabbit cannot force a fox to be a vegetarian!”

No matter what all these nitwits are saying, that's the foundational logic needed to be embraced by everyone.  Islam is a threat to western civilization, and Israel is the canary in the coal mine, and everyone had better get on board with that foundational truth.   

When you see signs by Hamas supporting protestors saying, "Fags for Hamas" you have to wonder just how stupid can these halfwits be?  Apparently there's no limit, since what we're seeing are homosexual's marching in support of the murderers of homosexuals.  

My Commentaries. 

  1. When An Accident is Waiting to Happen, It Eventually Does
  2. Can Israel Win?
  3. 2024 Election: The Insanity Is Unending
  4. Alan Caruba Died on June 15, 2015, Age 77.


  1. We can and must adjust to climate change – and not kill billions By Paul Driessen
  2. Is Critical Thinking a Good or Bad Thing? By John Droz, Jr.
  3. California Legalized Drugs. Cartels Took It Over.  By Daniel Greenfield
  4. The Only Crimes Are Political Now  By Daniel Greenfield
  5. When China Wired Money to Joe’s House  By Daniel Greenfield
  6. Iran Moves Into Somalia  By Daniel Greenfield
  7. Gays for Killing Gays  By Daniel Greenfield
  8. How California's Paradise Become Our Purgatory By Victor Davis Hanson
  9. Changes to Joe Biden's Campaign By Robin Itzler
  10. Joe Biden is Mentally Unfit: And Everyone Knows it!  By Robin Itzler
  11. Leftist Insanity Equals National, Economic, and Cultural Suicide! By Robin Itzler
  12. The Cultural Elite Are in Trouble By Robin Itzler
  13. Juneteenth – Build Pander Back Better (satire) By Robin Itzler
  14. Crime is Not Down, and Christians and Jews Are Under Attack By Robin Itzler
  15. In Case You Think Someone Has The Answer To New York's Looming Energy Disaster Francis Menton
  16. Con Edison Launches Campaign To Deflect Blame For The Coming Energy Disaster Francis Menton
  17. Catching Up To Germany, The "Climate Leader" Francis Menton
  18. Even More Evidence for School Choice By Dan Mitchell
  19. Notwithstanding my WSJ Quiz Results, I Am Not a Conservative By Dan Mitchell
  20. Corporate America Debates Bidenomics and Trumponomics By Andrew Moran
  21. The Left’s Ominous Plan B, Should Trump Again Become President By Graham J. Noble
  22. Why Is the US Military Still Dependent on China? By Dave Patterson
  Permanent Links
  1. 45 Communist Goals to Destroy America as Listed in the 1963 Congressional Record
  2. My Seven Rules of Geopolitics
  3. The John Boyd Legion of Honor 

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