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Saturday, May 18, 2024

P&D And The Week That Was

Truth is the Sublime Convergence of History and Reality

De Omnibus Dubitandum (Everything is to be questioned)

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By Rich Kozlovich


I've been in a bit of a stupor this week, so, as a result I only have one commentary of my own, but, I think it's a good one for those who are confused about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   He's not a moderate, he's a hard left radical, heavy on radical.  Get over it. 

On Oct 22, 2023 Kevin McCullough posted this article, All is Not Fine saying:

America is broken.  Badly.  Our enemies are starting wars in multiple regions of the world. Our friends cant trust us. We are crippling our own capacity to to help ourselves. And our current government doesnt acknowledge it. But there is a much bigger indication that we are far from  even being merely fine much less flourishing.  It is being exposed now but it has been brewing for a long while.  It showed its ugliest face last night in Brooklyn, NY, one of Americas oldest cities. It has shown itself on hundreds of college campuses for the last fourteen days........America has entered a new dark period..........No equivocation, no excuses, and no more pretending that all is fine.  It is not!

Things really are not fine.  Black racism is rampant, along with black crime.  Crime by illegal immigrants is rising out of control in America's major cities, and these city administrations and legal entities are complicit in this nightmare. Drugs are being introduced via illegal immigration, and done so in massive quantities, and the Biden administration by its policies are complicit in that.  

The rule of law is being destroyed by corrupt prosecutors and even more corrupt judges.  The left went after Trump for crimes that aren't crimes, at the federal level as well as the local level.  The federal charges against him are now dying and the prosecutor looks as if he may be in serious trouble....actually having committed real crimes.  

Alvin Bragg's case against Trump is absolutely Banana Republic jurisprudence and the Judge in that case is corrupt beyond the pale, and Fani Willis' RICO case in Georgia has collapsed and it appears she's now under investigation by the feds for misuse of federal funds.  And in each and every one of these cases there's evidence of collusion with the White House.  That's a RICO investigation just waiting for Trump to be elected.

Not only have these lawfare attacks against Trump to prevent him from being able to run for President fallen apart, there's actually an uptake on all this.  You couldn't get the media to talk about Trump this much if they were paid.  The cost of advertising for this much coverage would be astronomical, and as a result, his approval ratings are moving up daily, and with those who are considered core Democrats.  Why?  Because America sees this for what it is, and the nation doesn't like it.

Then we have a President of the United States who is so unbelievable corrupt, he's being openly called the head of the Biden Crime Family, and as his son is being prosecuted, and more information is being exposed, I have no doubt far more will come out against the President, who seems to be on the payroll of the Chinese government.   Do the words "two tier justice" ring in you ears?

Joe Biden has put domestic policies into place that's destroying America, and foreign polices in place that are at best disjointed, conflicting, and confusing, all of which has destroyed any credibility with America's allies.  

America's enemies aren't so displeased though.  Make no mistake, they know an invertebrate when they see one.  His betrayal of Israel is just as vile as was Jimmy Carter's betrayal of the Shaw of Iran.  Finally Joe can claim he's outdone someone.  He's now the dumbest man to ever sit at the Resolute Desk.

Everything Biden and his administration touches carries a stench of incompetence and stupidity, and to the point one has to wonder if they're deliberately trying to destroy America?  If so, that makes it treason.   So this bodes will this question.  Is it just stupidity and incompetence, or is it treason compounded by incompetence and stupidity?

Answer?  Yes!

Academia is filled with corrupt leftist misfits, who seem to have a penchant for stealing the works of others to get advanced degrees, and they all seem to think it's just fine and dandy for them.   We know about Claudine Gay, but the fact is she's just the tip of the iceberg, and her Ph.D. hasn't been revoked, and she's not been fired keeping her $900,000 a year job as a professor.  Can you imagine, almost a million dollars a year, and that's not including benefits, to do what?  How can any professor be worth that kind of money?  And why?  

Because American academia is culturally and intellectually a morally corrupt mephitic ooze of inbreeding.  MIT just hired six new DEI Deans, and two are allegedly "serial plagiarizers".   Did MIT know that?  If not, why not?  Did MIT care?  I doubt it, any more that Harvard cared about Gay's plagiarism, which apparently was easily discovered.  They're DEI hires who've been hired to create more incompetent, worthless, and incapable DEI graduates.  Woke has no moral standards.  America's universities are a cesspool of leftist corruption and vile hypocrisy, and is in dire need of being defunded.

Life is all about tides. There are those who catch the tide and those who row against the tide. Those rowing against the tide will always go in that direction no matter which way the tide is moving. The rest have no direction and will simply follow the tide. Those who row against the tide are in better shape than those who go with the tide. Not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally and psychologically! When the tide changes direction, and it will, guess who will be in the lead? - Thomas Sowell

My chuckle of the day.  The left will always eventually eat their own.  BLM has been accused of blatant corruption, and so, their sugar daddy's have cut the cord, and now BLM is suing Soros and the Tides Foundation for not giving them any more money.  Imagine that!  The great part of this story is where it might lead, and to whom, and what they're all up to will be available for public scrutiny.  If that happens.......dare I say it?  RICO!

 So, enjoy!

Let's start with John Droz, Jr's Media Balance Newsletter of 5/13/24, covering covid, climate, energy, elections and everything in between.   He says his newsletter contains what you won't find in one place anywhere else. I visit between 20 and 30 news sites daily, and I think he right.


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