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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

J-6ers: Families suffer financial hardship

By Robin Itzler

Editor's Note:  This is one of the commentaries selected from Robin's weekly newsletter Patriot Neighbors. Any cartoons appearing will have been added by me.  If you wish to get the full edition,  E-mail her at to get on her list, it's free.  RK

In many instances, the Deep State’s lawfare isn’t so much to find someone guilty of a crime, but to bankrupt the J-6er and their family while frightening others against peacefully using their Constitutionally protected right to free speech.

Did you know that J-6ers (like all prisoners) must use their own money to pay for prison phone calls and email costs? They must pay to buy commissary food, clothing and hygiene products. Bet you thought the Bureau of Prisons provides these items. Nope! Freebies are just for ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, not J-6ers—many of whom are veterans!

Click here to learn more about helping J-6 prisoners.

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