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Monday, May 20, 2024

Holocaust Remembrance and Biden's Empty Words

By Robin Itzler

Editor's Note:  This is one of the commentaries selected from Robin's weekly newsletter Patriot Neighbors. Any cartoons appearing will have been added by me.  If you wish to get the full edition,  E-mail her at to get on her list, it's free.  RK


Joe Biden had the right background and props for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Annual Days of Remembrance ceremony, at the U.S. Capitol building when he stood in front of a bipartisan audience. He didn’t go off the teleprompter and commit his usual gaffe, so we never heard about cannibals eating Nazis. Biden yakked about the rise in antisemitism, which he and the Marxist leaning Democrat party owns. Robin Itzler posted this on her Facebook and Truth Social accounts: 

“Since actions speak louder than words, as a Jewish woman I am insulted that Joe Biden spoke at the Holocaust Memorial Museum annual remembrance ceremony. Biden has done everything to deny Israel's right to protect herself from an enemy seeking to annihilate her. He chastises Israel, delays arms shipments, does not denounce the pro Hamas wing in his Democrat party, and has created the environment for the rise in antisemitism as seen on many college campuses. Plus, Joe Biden and his Democrat administration has made Iran rich, enabling the tyrannical nation to fund and support terrorist groups like Hamas. Biden speaking at a Holocaust memorial service ... Would that be any different than Josef Mengele speaking at an Auschwitz memorial service?” 

No matter what the Biden administration says, it's what they do that counts.  Secretary of State Blinkin wants Israel out of Gaza and is accusing them of "violation of international humanitarian Law, That's anti-Israel animus, and that's what's clear.  Otherwise, there's no clarity on anything in the Biden administration except the destruction of America and Israel.  

Here's what the sane see clearly, and is what the Biden's administration is oblivious to:

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