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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Jewish Author Delivers Blistering Response When Forced to Answer Where She Stands on “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” Before Scheduled Speaking Event


Editor's Note:  I changed the P&D format so that I mainly only publish full articles, and so, I've pretty much stopped linking articles. But some articles are so profound, I just have to add them to P&D, and this piece fits that bill to a T, and I recommend reading her entire response.  Ya just gotta love her. 

Author Dina Rubina

Russian Israeli author Dina Rubina was scheduled for an event to discuss her books at Pushkin House in London in collaboration with the University of London.

Before she was “allowed” to speak, however,  event moderator Nataliya Rulyova demanded she clarify “her position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” saying other invited participants needed to “understand your position on this issue before responding.”

Here is the note Rubina received from Rulyova:

Hello, Dina!

The Pushkin House announced our upcoming conference on social media and immediately received critical messages regarding your position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They wanted to understand your position on this issue before responding. Could you formulate your position and send it to me as soon as possible?

— Natasha

Here is Dina’s blistering response to the ridiculous request.

Dear Natalia!

You’ve written beautifully about my novels, and I’m so sorry for the time you’ve wasted, because apparently we have to cancel our meeting.

The universities of Warsaw and Torun have just canceled lectures by the wonderful Russian-speaking Israeli writer Yakov Shechter on the life of Galicia’s Jews in the 17th and 19th centuries “to avoid making the situation worse.” I suspected that this would affect me too, since academia is now the main breeding ground for the most disgusting and virulent anti-Semitism, disguised as so-called “criticism of Israel.” I was expecting something like this, and I even decided to write you an email about it… but I put it aside. It’s time for me to publish it........

This is what I want to say to all those who expect from me a quick and obsequious report on my position regarding my beloved country, which currently lives (and always has) surrounded by ferocious enemies who seek to destroy it . My country which is waging a just war today against a rabid, ruthless, deceptive and cunning enemy. The last time I apologized was in elementary school, in the principal’s office, I was 9 years old. Since then, I have been doing what I think is right, listening only to my conscience and expressing exclusively my understanding of the world order and human laws of justice.

Natalia, thank you for your efforts, and I personally ask you to send my answer to all those who are wondering...............For hours, thousands of happy, blood-drunk beasts raped women, children and men, shooting their victims in the crotch and heads, cutting off the women’s breasts and playing football with them, cutting off the babies from the wombs of pregnant women and immediately decapitating them, tying up and burning the small children.

There were so many charred bodies that, for many weeks, forensic pathologists could not cope with the enormous workload of identifying individuals.......Now, with great pleasure, without choosing my expressions too much, I sincerely and with all the strength of my soul send to all the brainless “intellectuals” who are interested in my position to go f..... themselves.

— Dina Rubina

 To Read Her Entire Response ....

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  1. Robin Itzler - Patriot NeighborsJune 2, 2024 at 2:40 PM

    Thankfully, Christians are standing side-by-side with Jews, so it's not like Germany in the 1930s. But the fact that academia is overrun with antisemites should be of great concern to all freedom loving Americans.