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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Preconceptual Reality, Culture is King, and the 2024 Election

By Rich Kozlovich 

In 2015 I published an article dealing with polls, reality, and Johnathan Gruber.   Do you remember Gruber?  He's the Obamacare advisor and MIT professor who got everyone outraged for saying Obamacare was deliberately created to be too complicated in order for it to pass because they knew the American voting public was so stupid to understand it.   

Well, the question we need asking is why was everyone so upset?  Since Gruber was attacked as ‘arrogant’ by various writers, we need to clearly define in our minds if he was being arrogant or was he merely making an observation of reality no one liked?   Given what's going on with the 2024 election, I think we need to go back in time and explore this.

While Obama was President 54% of voters wanted no new taxes and more budget cuts.  Obama wanted to spend an additional 4 trillion dollars and raise taxes.  Only 16% favored more spending, and 21% favored no cuts in spending.  

Polls also showed most didn't believe Obamacare would do anything to fix the nation's health care system, and they were right. Rasmussen gave him a 51% approval rating.  Does that make sense to anyone?

I don’t really know if Rasmussen can be trusted any more than other pollsters, but I put pollsters as a whole in the same category as snake oil salesmen. They ask questions in ways that will generate affirmation versus reality. Having said that, I used to follow the Rasmussen polls and I kept seeing a majority who claim they dislike Obama's policies and yet think he's just doing a Jim Dandy job. 

Is that rational?  Is that a case of cognitive dissonance or was Gruber right, people are just stupid?

I think it’s a combination of an American educational system that's turned into an expensive failure, cognitive dissonance is rampant, the pollsters are corrupt, people are largely misinformed and uninformed by choice, a corrupt media wants to keep them that way, and Gruber was right. 

That year  Newsweek gave a test to 1000 people and found that 29% of Americans didn’t know who the Vice President was, 27% didn’t know the President of the U.S. was in charge of the executive branch and 70% didn’t know the supreme law of the land was the U.S. Constitution. 

One commenter made the observation that perhaps they thought it was the Prime Directive from the United Federation of Planets. I would be willing to bet if that question was part of the test a fair number would have agreed, and believed it! Is that an indication the American educational system has failed to teach history and civics?

Sixty five percent didn’t know the Constitution was written by the Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention, only 12% could name one of the writers, 43% didn’t know the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution is called the Bill of Rights and 63% didn’t know there were nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, perhaps I'm just being picky again, but is this another indictment of American education?

Now for those who are snickering– how many amendments are there to the U.S. Constitution? Answer without looking it up!

Eighty percent didn’t know who the President of the U.S. was during WWI and 40% didn’t know the U.S. was fighting Germany, Italy and Japan during WWII, with a full 73% being unaware the “cold war” was over the spread of communism. Now does all of this give anyone the impression that someone in American education is clearly dropping the ball? Is it any wonder why so many believe "going green" is good, in spite of the fact the green movement has been responsible for more death and suffering than the socialist monsters of the 20th century who killed over 100 million innocent people.

And 51% believed Obama, who increased the national debt from a little over ten trillion dollars to a little over eighteen trillion dollars in six years without having much of an impact of the "Great Recession", was just doing a really fine job.

Some polls claimed Biden and Trump were tied.  Some only have Trump about five points ahead, and for a while some polls claimed Biden was in the lead.  Is that believable?  The public is really upset at the Democrats, and Biden specifically, for out of control immigration, inflation, drugs, cost of housing, energy, etc., and there's not one area in which the public thinks Biden is doing a good job, and we're to believe he has a 44% approval rating?

On May 14, 2024 Andrea Widburg published this article, People are waking up to the rot within academia and in America as a whole, noting only crises can bring people out of their cultural stupor.  She notes those who start their day searching news sites to see what's going on know the rot impacting the nation, but that's not the typical person.  They don't read, they don't listen, and they don't think.  Right along with Preconceptual Science, and Preconceptual Economics, this an affliction of Preconceptual Reality, where people reach conclusions without looking to see what the facts really are, then ignoring anything that disputes those conclusions, and often times shouting invectives at anyone who challenges those conclusions, totally arrogant in their ignorance. 

These nitwit protestors, they are stunningly ignorant, bereft of any stable moral foundation and working really, really hard to commit national suicide. Those who read history books, and follow the news, and write about all of that fear a national economic and social collapse at the hands of:

........."complete nincompoops, shysters, and grifters, people with no verifiable quality of statecraft, petit tyrants who lack the skills or intellectual insight to govern except by diktat.'...." Everything despicable about Joe Biden and his corrupt family and party has been revealed. Still, it has either been propagandized to death or denied by the Democrats and their propaganda henchmen, the legacy media."

Whether the issues involve domestic or foreign policy the public is clueless, and has aways been clueless, so they're easily fooled by the media and lying politicians, and they want to just marinate in their cultural comfort zone.  Well, culture is king, and Gruber was right.  Even with all the outrageous behavior, much of it criminal, Biden still has, according to polls, an over 40% approval rating.

Conclusion?  Either the polls are lying or Gruber was right and the public really is stupid, or as I suspect, both!  There are no boundaries on the left, no moral foundation that acts as a stop for vile behavior.  So, if for some reason the public's stupidity can't be relied on to re-elect Biden, and restore the Congress to outright Democrat control in order to give them the power they so cravenly desire, they will do anything and everything, no matter how vile, how illegal or how corrupt it may be in order to gain total control the lives of all the stupid peasants, who will have nothing and be grateful....or else!

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