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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

"We Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor".

By Rich Kozlovich 

On May 27, 2024 Pete McArdle posted an article that needs to be read by everyone entitled,  They Did It to Trump, and They Can Do It to You, saying:

Let’s face it: most of us inhabit a dream world, a place where fairness, dignity, honor, and love for your fellow man reign.  Most of all, we wish for a safe world. We need to feel at least marginally safe to stay sane. But imagine suddenly realizing that there are dark forces aligned against you and lurking everywhere, ready and willing to take you down for the tiniest offense, real or imagined, against the state.  In other words, imagine you’re Donald Trump.

Let’s say you’ve been successful in life.  You’re wealthy, famous, beloved by members of both political parties, and blessed with a beautiful wife and five children.  You decide to run for high office. And that’s when the nightmare begins.

He goes on the show how powerful people slandered and lied about Trump, and criticized every word Trump uttered.  They made claims of sexual deviancy, treason, and corruption, and the media ran with it 24/7. 

Three wise monkeys. Not see, not hear, not speak. Vintage engraving Three wise monkeys with money on ears, eyes, mouth. Not see, not hear, not speak. Vintage color engraving illustration for poster, web, t-shirt, tattoo. Isolated on white background three monkeys stock illustrations

What did the Republicans do?  They played the role of the Three Mystic Monkeys.  They heard nothing, saw nothing, and said nothing in their lack of defense of Trump, or in any attack against Hillary, "a frumpy, shrill harridan whose main claim to fame is simply staying married to her philandering, Epstein-bro husband, and whose laugh could shatter glass, knowingly concocts and funds the fiction of your traitorous Russian connections."

He goes on to show what can only be qualified as a RICO conspiracy, with the FBI and the FISA courts allowing these deep state traitors to spy on Trump in every aspect of his life without following the traditional rules of law.  Two impeachments based on lies and the second one blatantly illegal since he was no longer in office, but merely to attempt to further dishonor and smear him in the eyes of the American public.   The author goes on to say:

And as your own supine party continues letting you twist in the wind, the state and their lapdog media continue to hound you...............Half-wits, sluts, and porn stars looking for attention, and no doubt funded by your enemies, come up with half-remembered tales of debauchery at your hands to belittle you.  They are applauded.............You promise to build a wall on our southern border, and then every level of government, including speakers of the House ostensibly belonging to your own party, steps in to prevent you.

In spite of what can only be defined as a very successful term the left never quits and never sleeps, and in their quest to destroy Trump they're destroying the rule of law in America, and those responsible for the enforcement of the nations laws, with includes the judiciary, have become thoroughly corrupted, and simply ignore those who have or are commuting crimes, while working to destroy those who are innocent of crimes simply because they support Trump. 

The question that should be asked, and needs answering is this:  Why does he bother?  He has all the money he can spend, and he's built a huge commercial empire to leave to his heirs, so what's left?    Trump and I are the same age, so we're both running out of time, but make no mistake, at this point in my life I wouldn't want to be in this kind of a mess, but at some point one has to believe we've left something behind that was meaningful, and it's clear Trump's desire is to save the nation from a party with policies that will destroy America. 

Immensely destructive policies involving immigration, energy production, taxes, spending, regulations, and abandoning American sovereignty to international organizations alone are enough to destroy the American character, the American culture, the American economy, and destroy the Constitution. 

 The signers of the Declaration of Independence stated: 

……with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

I don't think anyone doubts (sorry, any sane person) Donald Trump believes the nation under the control of Democrats will die a vile death, and he’s putting his life, his fortune, and his honor on the line in order to prevent that from happening.  Otherwise, what do he and his family have to gain for suffering all that abuse?

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