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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Grading Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Curve

By Rich Kozlovich


Over the years I've posted a lot about RFK Jr. and the Kennedy clan as a whole, and most of it wasn't pleasant, but all of it was true.  JFK was a disaster in so many ways, personally as well as politically, and the Bay of Pigs fiasco (more here) falls directly on him, and the lies about "solving" the Cuban missile crisis are no longer accepted because time is the great leveler of truth, and that was a lie.

If he hadn't been assassinated there would have been no media driven "Camelot", and that there was a lot of talk about dumping him in the upcoming election, whether or not that would have happened is immaterial to the dissatisfaction with him in his own party. 

RFK was a weak whiny spoiled little rich kid, who LBJ loved to taunt, who with his drive to get Jimmy Hoffa may have been the impetus for getting his brother killed, and yes, I do believe it was a mob hit, because it was the mob, via old Joe's connections with the mob, got JFK elected via voter fraud, and they would have considered that investigation a stab in the back.  While there's a lot of speculation on this, allegedly mob boss Trafficante said on his death bed:

"Carlos screwed up. We shouldn't have killed John. We should have killed Bobby."

I do believe there was more than one shooter, I believe that one pristine bullet (more here) could not have done all that damage, and all of that was followed by a massive conspiracy to cover it all up, because I think there were government officials involved, and that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't murdered, he was assassinated.  

There, I've said it, get over it.

Ted Kennedy was a pig, and a drunken murderer, whose family knew no bounds in trying to get him off for the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne, and had this happened in any state other than Massachusetts, he'd have gone to prison.  What's been called America's First Family - the Kennedy's - has been a despicable family, and Ted was the worst of the lot. 

(I recommend reading, Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-Up)

A degenerate who the left praised and called the Liberal Lion of the Senate.  Most likely he was drunk during one of his many rants on the Senate floor.  If we're to believe all the claims of his sexual misconduct, he abused his first wife, and probably all the others also, at least until he was too old and too sick, it not only condemns Ted, it condemns the entire family and Democrat party.  A man who clearly conspired against America.  (More here)

But it didn't start with JFK, it started with the patriarch of the family, Joe Kennedy, a notorious womanizer, and now we have another Kennedy running for President of the United States, only not as a Democrat. The party aced him out, and now that's backfiring on them.  So, now they're going to go all out to crush him.   

Jewish voters have been adamant in their support of the Democrat party, which I find mind boggling!  This isn't the Democrat party of their great grandparents!  But now they're upset at the massive antisemitism being expressed by the Democrats, which has been there all along.  How can they vote Democrat under those circumstances?  Kennedy gives them an option, as he wins a standing ovation from this Jewish audience.  Also, his thoughts on the Russo/Ukraine War are a condemnation of the Biden administration.  

As a result there's been some talk of Republicans supporting him and because he took a stand on free speech, and a stand against these false vaccines for covid.  But he's a total antivax nutcase, he's against all vaccinations.  It's kinda like a clock that doesn't work.  It's absolutely right twice a day.  Hardly a touchstone for reliability or trustworthiness.   On May 11, Sarah Arnold claims that support will change when they get a look at his real views reporting:

Supports push to clean energy and zero emissions, supports eliminating fracking, endorsed Bernie’s climate plan, supports divesting from fossil fuels, supports carbon tax, supports Paris Climate Accords, called the NRA a ‘terror group,’ supports affirmative action, supports reparations, supports amnesty for non-violent drug offenders, wants to ‘transform the police,’ called Louis Farrakhan a ‘truly great partner,’ supports raising minimum wage to $15/hour, supports labor unions, supports raising taxes, endorsed Al Gore in 2000, endorsed John Kerry in 2004, claimed 2004 election was stolen, donated to Obama, endorsed Hillary Clinton for Senate in 2000, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2007, repeatedly praised Bernie Sanders, a ‘sin’ for people to not address global warming, blamed America for causing 9/11, supports ESG,” and “called Fidel Castro ‘incredibly charming.’ Via the Daily Wire.

Wow!  What's not to like about that for Republicans and conservatives?  How about this for an answer?  Everything!!!!

rfk abortion >
Don't be disillusioned, RFK, Jr. hates conservatives and supports that hatred by doing what all leftists do, he creates mythological "facts" to support his lies, and his hatred.

The man has bounced all over the map on abortion, here, here, here, and here, and truthfully, I have no idea what his current position is now, or will be tomorrow.  Does that give the impression he's just a little bit confused about his moral foundations? 

But this is one thing I do know.  Kennedy is just another politico heretic who claims to be Catholic. Just like the rest of the clan. If he, just like his uncle Ted, Biden, and Pelosi, can abandon their church, and abandon these murdered unborn, why would you think he wouldn't abandon the nation? Biden and Pelosi certainly have.  We already know he has no stable moral foundation. I could beat him in a debate. Take away the logical fallacies, falsehoods, and projection and all he has to offer is a speech impediment.

One more thing. Abortion may be the thrust of the Democrat party for the 2024 election, but the fact is the nation is in such dire straits it will not play into who will be President.  While support for murdering the innocent unborn may be an intellectual choice, it violates core genetic imperatives. We're genetically designed to care for children even at the risk of our own lives, so emotionally the underlying imperative is to be against murdering the innocent unborn, and I think that will win out.  Those who support abortion weren't going to vote for Trump no matter what party they belong to. So there's nothing to lose by taking a strong moral stand against abortion.

“Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.” Andrew Breitbart
But a Kennedy is a Kennedy.  Nothing he says can be trusted, if Joe Biden wasn't the candidate, he'd be the darling of the left in this race.  Whatever stand he may take can change overnight with a little pressure from his wife and his consultants. 
If you can justify the murder of the innocent unborn, you can justify anything.   Remember when Dennis Kucinich was running for President, that lifelong Catholic who opposed abortion all of a sudden had an epiphany that abortion wasn't all that bad after all.  No wonder Kennedy picked him to be his campaign manager, from which he resigned when Kennedy decided to run as an Independent presidential contender, and now he's really upset he's not been invited to debate Biden and Trump, and they're "colluding" to keep him out.  Well, if there's any collusion it's all on the part of Democrats and their myrmidons in the media to protect Biden, he will not, and could not hurt Trump in a debate. 

Let's try and get this right once, just once, and for all time.  His campaign is all smoke and mirrors, Kennedy is a radical Democrat, big on the radical part, who voted accordingly.  Hannity exposed his support and admiration of the most radical leftists in politics, how he will ban fracking, ban fossil fuels including coal,  supports the massive fraud called Climate Change, calls the NRA a terrorist group, supports raising taxes to 70%, called the SCOTUS ruling of Biden's student debt "unfortunate", and supports affirmative action along with reparations.  

Update, 5/21/24, 5:21 PM:  RFK Jr. Lists Foreclosed New York Property As Voting Address. He Neither Owns It Nor Lives There. - The scandal surrounding the Katonah address is just the latest to hit Kennedy’s campaign. The campaign is accused of deceiving voters in order to gain ballot access, and recently, Kennedy said he favored abortion up until birth, then promptly flip-flopped on the issue following a public outcry. Earlier this month, it was revealed that a parasitic worm ate part of Kennedy’s brain.

Going back to the idea Kennedy will take more votes from Trump than from Biden.  I think that's a load of horsepucky, despite all of the claims that will happen, and since it's based on NPR polls, that makes it laughable.

What conservative would ever vote for a Kennedy?  Some Republicans will, but they're not conservatives, they're all like Mitt Romney, Liz Chaney, George Will, and John Kasich, but so what?    They're all Never Trumpers who weren't going to vote for Trump anyway, so does it matter whether they vote for Biden, Kennedy, or simply fail to vote, the numbers remain the same?  And time has shown all of them to be contemptible in one way or another, and they're not even considered Republicans by the base.  As for any claims about being conservative, John Kasich once said he can define conservatism as he sees fit, which in his case is on the left side of a one way street. 

Kennedy's switch creates a conundrum for Democrats as he's presenting himself as the middle way, but he's not in any way "in the middle".   He wants "his" party back, so he will do what he has to in order for that to happen.  Also, have no doubt this isn't about the 2024 election.  It's about who will control the Democrat party after January 2025 if the Republicans take the Congress and the White house, which without voter fraud on such a massive level it would make the fraud of the 2020 election look legitimate, ain't gonna happen.

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