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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Diversity Without Accomplishment is Philosophy Without Form and Incompetence Without Consequence.

By Robin Itzler

Editor's Note:  This is one of the commentaries selected from Robin's weekly newsletter Patriot Neighbors. Any cartoons appearing will have been added by me.  If you wish to get the full edition,  E-mail her at to get on her list, it's free.  RK

Diversity Hire Retires: 

Kim Goodwin of ABC News In 2021, Kim Goodwin was named president of ABC News. Of course, the big story was that Goodwin was the first black person to lead a major network news division. She recently announced her retirement. Of course, there was no mention of the many missteps that took place under her leadership. Goodwin sent out an email to ABC News employees announcing her pending departure. 

Could this have been what she shared? (This is satire for those who don't get it)

Dear Employees, 

I am announcing that I will no longer serve as president of ABC News. Given this prestigious position primarily since I check two boxes - woman and black - it took a few years for everyone to admit that I needed to check another box: ability.

Thank you for your support. Obviously, I expect ABC to replace me with another person who checks at least two boxes. It does not matter what those boxes are as long as they are checked. For example, trans midget or blind bisexual.

Thank you for all your support throughout my tenure and now I will write a book that won't sell.


Kim Goodwin 

DEI Isn't Dying, It's Just Being Renamed!  

There are many states that passed laws getting rid of university DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) departments. Following passage of the law, education bureaucrats promptly got rid of their DEI department. Conservatives congratulated themselves on another win. Wrong! All these departments did was change their names. Anything that had “DEI” was erased and replaced with a new department name. 

  1. OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma University’s DEI is now Division of Access and Opportunity. 
  2. TEXAS: Diversity Equity and Inclusion is now called “Belonging, Community Engagement and Student Development.” 
  3. UTAH: Replaced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department with Office of Institutional Engagement and Effectiveness

As Daniel Greenfield noted in his article, Will DEI By Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?, saying:

Conservative states have started cracking down on DEI offices at publicly funded colleges, and so the University of Iowa now calls its DEI office the “Division of Access, Opportunity and Diversity” while the University of Oklahoma renamed its racism stronghold the “Division of Access and Opportunity.’ At the University of Tennessee, it’s the “Division of Access and Engagement” while at Louisiana State University it was more awkwardly renamed to the “Division of Engagement, Civil Rights & Title IX”. Utah Valley University’s DEI office adopted the meaninglessly bland title of the “Office of Institutional Engagement and Effectiveness.”

Much like changing DEI to IDE, liberals playing mad libs with buzzwords like “access’”, “engagement” and “opportunity” will just mean more of the same under a different name.


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