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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sports: Is It Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or Is It Discrimination, Misogyny, and Insanity?

 Is Title IX Dead?

By Rich Kozlovich

This commentary is based on three articles, Women Forced to Compete Against Men? Just Say No! and On Title IX, Ron DeSantis shows what principled leadership looks like, and, Lola is an Oregon Track State Champion.

This was a cartoon I posted in my article, Biden Consequences: Gender Athletics and the Left!, and for those of us who remember all the outrage expressed for so many years over the Soviet Union's cheating at the Olympics by introducing male hormones in their female athletes, and what we're seeing going on now in American athletics, makes this cartoon rich with irony.

First of all, the passage of Title IX to promote (actually force) women's sports on America isn't the business of the federal government.  Not to mention many of the other abuses and failures the federal government has heaped on America, especially issues dealing with public health, energy production, immigration, out of control spending, and an out of control fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, aka, the deep state.  

But what I find really amazing is the idea that decisions for murdering the unborn innocent decisions should belong at the state level, but forcing the states and sports world to make accommodation, expensive ones, involving women in sports is so important that should be a federal responsibility.  Does that sound a bit nutty to anyone besides me?  How about cowardly?  

How about this, the state should decide if murdering the innocent unborn is acceptable but the federal government will punish you if you dare to misgender men who claim to be women, and visa versa, or impede whatever activities these people want to do, and if hospitals refuse to perform genital mutilate on children the federal government will cut of Medicare payments to those hospitals. 

There's a bit of schadenfreude here as Andrea Widburg notes:

Title IX was intended to ensure that women got a chance to participate in sports. Feminists have abused it from the beginning by shutting down or underfunding campus men’s sports to force parity with women’s sports, so perhaps there’s some serious karma going on here. Nevertheless, real girls and young women are going to get really damaged, so the time for pushback is sooner rather than later.

Well, the left pushed that, and as in all things left, they eat their own.  Now the federal government has decided men who are chemically and/or surgically irreparably altered, really are women, and can compete with women, and if anyone disagrees, the federal government will punish them in some fashion. 

What happened to the limited government the founders created and envisioned?  Where is any of that in the Constitution? 

So, what's to be done?  Brian C. Joondeph says that when women are forced to compete with men, they should say no!

Imagine a large swimming or track event where the trans-athlete is the only one on the starting blocks, the remaining female competitors standing behind the blocks and refusing to compete. The woke sportscasters will be tongue-tied in how to respond and narrate the event............A group of West Virginia middle school students just said 'no' to a biologic male attempting to compete against the girls in the shot put.....The Cleveland Clinic recognizes, “Boys begin puberty sometime between the ages of 9 and 14.” Meaning the 13-year-old shot putter is well into puberty........Title IX is about biology, not identification, preferences, or what the school counselor suggests. Transgender athletes, specifically biologic men competing against biologic women, violates Title IX by discriminating on the basis of sex.......female athletes should “just say no” and refuse to compete on an uneven playing field. 

Then there's the argument if they don't compete they lose out in some way, but I think that's idiotic.  If they compete they're going to lose anyway since it's those who take the top positions who benefit, and that will be the men proclaiming they're women.  However, the left proclaims there are 112 genders and 71 ....something else's.  If all that's accepted, is it possible that could create problems?   Just a thought.

Governor Ron DeSantis has a different take on this.  Don't force these girls to make that decision.  Make the states take a stand and tell Joe Biden, the Democrats and the word salad LGBTQIA2S+ crowd to shove it, stating:

"Joe Biden trying to inject gender ideology into education, undermining opportunities for girls and women, violating parents' rights, and abusing his constitutional authority: We will not comply".

Once again quoting Andrea Widburg:

The Founders wrote the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, with two ideas in mind. The first was that the government would be limited, with rights and power in the people, not in the government. The second was that the three branches of government would be balanced, with each keeping an eye on the other to ensure that it stayed within its constitutional boundaries.

None of that's happening, and to fix it will require a constitutional amendment to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, and create term limits for the federal judiciary and members of congress.   I really like this solution, Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over “Dangerous” Tranny Policies, saying:

"..the NCAA authorized naked men possessing full male genitalia to disrobe in front of non-consenting college women and creating situations in which unwilling female college athletes unwittingly or reluctantly expose their naked or partially clad bodies to males.....They’re crying out for justice and the NCAA won’t even talk to them......The NCAA is so committed to radical gender ideology that they have completely lost concern for women’s rights.....It’s very clear that the NCAA violated the law.......The NCAA suggests that one can reduce or eliminate the performance gap [between men and women] by suppressing testosterone and that’s ludicrous from a matter of science”..........

No guts, no glory!  Coaches and administrators need stand up for their female athletes, or get out of the profession. 

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