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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Will the circle be (un)broken?

Beating the unbeatable FDR Democrat coalition

Many readers will recognize the title of this piece as being from an old gospel tune, written way back in 1907. The lyrics were reworked a few decades later, but the basic idea remains: A bereaved person wonders if he will meet his departed loved one when he himself leaves this mortal coil. Here’s a nice rendition of the song.

The circle under consideration in this article is a collection of disparate groups that have enabled the stranglehold maintained on much of this country by the Democrat party. I’m certainly no fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), but give credit where it’s due. He broke the power of Tammany Hall, and he created the “collection” I speak of.

FDR’s Democrat power grouping included the poor of all races; essentially every conceivable minority group; union members; a large percentage of Catholics; nearly all Jews; a significant number of farmers; anti-Establishment types of all description; white Southerners; and those who hated Prohibition.

As to Prohibition, it should be noted that the Republicans were the dominant political party from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the Depression, and saw fit to wrap themselves in the supposed “morality” of the temperance movement. Few Left-wing historians (and that’s most of them) are willing to admit that Republican Herbert Hoover, who ran against FDR in 1932, proposed a far more socialist agenda than did Roosevelt.

Unfortunately for Hoover, he was perceived as the captain of the Titanic, and that, coupled with his relatively lukewarm support of Prohibition, did him in. With his loss came the Democrat steamroller.

So how fares FDR’s collection currently? Today’s poor are of course far more affluent than in the 1930s, and since they are already the beneficiaries of scores of entitlement programs, are less interested in politics than their 1930s predecessors.

The minority groups—many of whom have benefited from decades of Civil Rights legislation—are steadily being turned off by the very non-FDR issues of abortion, gay and transgender rights, the decline of public schools, and the deteriorating economy. Blacks are waking up to the fact that they are heavily campaigned to every four years, but see scant attention being paid to high crime rates, and the culture rot being promoted by the elites.

Jews who are not Orthodox have been some the staunchest supporters of the Dems, but are finally waking up to the fact that antisemitism has always been the purview of the Left. One can hardly imagine a greater perfidy than the notion—eagerly portrayed by propagandists of the Allies—that Nazism was a movement of the Right. I guess no one noticed that “Nazi” was an acronym for National Socialist German Workers' Party.

And, at the very same time, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was regarded as a dominion of the Left.

Those arguing that the socialist movements of Hitler and Mussolini were on the Right hung their hat on the fact that nominal private ownership of business was still allowed, conveniently forgetting that those very businesses were strictly controlled by the government.

At any rate, all but the most diehard Tikkun Olam Jews are acknowledging the virulent antisemitism of the Left. Practicing Catholics have long been turned off by amoral proclamations of the Dems, but some are still laboring under tired prejudices of the past. Biden making the sign of the cross before an abortion speech was not a good look.

With improvements in technology, farmers are doing a whole lot better than they did in the 1930s, and are drifting away from the Dems. The white South became 100 percent Democrat during the Civil War, but that started to change 50 years ago.

The last remaining Democrat bastion consists of the major cities, but owing to crime, massive corruption, and minorities leaving the fold, this too is starting to disintegrate. The disgraceful performance of such degenerate officials as Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis are proving to be a major embarrassment, and a “Come to Jesus” moment for Blacks trapped for generations in the Dem swamp.

I think that THIS circle will be broken.

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