Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Roger Stone Case is a Clear Peek into the Totalitarian Police State

By  February 15th, 2020

Those who truly see, understand the Roger Stone Case is a clear peek into the odious apparatus of the totalitarian police state needed by Socialism to stay in power.

The whole Stone scenario from his early morning arrest by an armed FBI SWAT team, with a pre-notified CNN standing by to record the Special Counsel’s good works, to his trial and sentencing smacks of Soviet style totalitarian justice where the state always wins.

Stone hasn’t been shot yet, but a long time in a gulag is in the offing! This is the America the Democrats are promising to bring us, a police state with them in charge! You can bet on it!

The one-sided conduct of the Stone trial is now seriously being questioned. Mueller’s expensive two year investigation was seeking convictions only of Trump supporters. They even shopped around for a politically compliant Judge which they found in Obama appointee, Amy Barman Jackson. In the trial, she performed as expected. She denied Stone’s defense lawyers from countering anti-Trump prosecutors, she prohibited introduction of defense evidence and agreed that the 67 year old convicted Trump adviser needed to be in the slammer for nine long years. A motion by Stone’s lawyers for a different judge and a different venue, she also denied...........To Read More....

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