Saturday, February 22, 2020

Bernie's Army

By Rich Kozlovich

Arnold Palmer was a very popular professional golfer with a massive following the media commonly called, Arnies Army.  Over the last year we've had a chance to get a good look at Bernie and his supporters which I call the Bernie's Army.  And in this case army isn't just an euphemism. They're violent, even declaring they're going to burn down cities if he's not nominated.  And even if he is nominated, I hate to think what they're willing to do if he's not elected.  All of which Bernie fails to distance himself.

One writer, who isn't a Democrat or a Republican, went to a Bernie rally and took notice of the crowd.  Body piercings and tattoos were more common than normal.  They were enthusiastic over what he called "their modern- day Karl Marx" because were all in love with Bernie's "free" stuff. 

He gave his "kids take" on all that was said, that being teenagers must go to college, even if they get degrees in studies that pay so poorly they can't pay back their student loans, such as studies in social sciences and humanities. Even if they graduate with a huge debt load, having to work part time, take minimum wage jobs, leaving them with "dismal future prospects for financial independence." 

As a result it's clear why they're so enamored with Bernie.  Guaranteed income without work, free health care and the end of all student loan debt.  Happily placing their personal irresponsibilites on the the backs of responsible people who have to pay for educations they didn't receive, labor they never got and health care others never paid into.

Now that's Bernie's Army!  Another good reason to raise the voting age to thirty.

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