Thursday, February 27, 2020

2nd Circuit Hits a Homer on Sanctuary Cities

Editorial of The New York Sun | February 26, 2020

What a constitutional home run the Second United States Circuit Court of Appeals just clobbered against, among others, the “sanctuary city” of New York. It cleared the way for Attorney General Barr to require recipients of certain federal funds to cooperate with federal authorities. It would take the Yankees announcer John Sterling to do the opinion justice. Let us just say, “It is high. It is far. It is — gone.”

And no wonder. The panel of judges in the case — Reena Raggi, who wrote the opinion, along with Jose Cabranes and Ralph Winter — would be like a lineup of sluggers comprising, say, Mickey Mantle, George Herman “Babe” Ruth, and Barry Bonds. The judges were unanimous and, with the confidence that only big league hitters can muster, they swept aside contrary opinions of several other federal circuits.

The case is known as New York et al v. United States Department of Justice. It involves New York City and seven states. The judges characterize the main legal question as “whether the federal government may deny grants of money to State and local governments that would be eligible for such awards but for their refusal to comply with three immigration‐related conditions imposed by the Attorney General of the United States.”.........To Read More.....

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