Saturday, February 22, 2020

Donald Trump Is America's Chief Law Enforcement Officer

February 21, 2020 By John Leonard

The poorly written click-bait headline at the Washington Post “Trump declares himself ‘chief law enforcement officer’” complete with the scare quotes, might create the impression among the woefully ignorant who depend on their “fish wrapper” for news.

The headline implies President Trump said something wrong, which begs the question: has anybody under the age of sixty ever read the U.S. Constitution?

It’s only about four pages long, written back in the day when people still produced clear and concise documents by hand. And more importantly, shouldn’t “journalists” have a basic understanding of their subject matter if they are going to be allowed to help shape public opinion with their reporting? .........

Once Congress has made a law, it becomes the duty of the president to see that law enforced. Barack Obama was famous for his selective enforcement of federal laws, especially those pertaining to illegal immigration. He called cops “dumb” and routinely interfered with justice in the murder trial of George Zimmerman, and contributed to racial tensions after the death of Michael Brown by sending Eric Holder to Ferguson, implying that the local criminal justice system wouldn’t give Officer Darren Wilson a fair trial because they might find him innocent of the charges. Wilson was innocent. Brown was killed in self-defense...............

The question is, can the chief law enforcement officer in the U.S. get equal justice under the law for his political enemies, or will they be allowed to escape the consequences for deliberately trying to undermine his administration before he even took office?......To Read More....

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