Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Explosive Book Shows How FBI and Media Destroyed an Innocent Man

February 17, 2020 By Elise Cooper

The Suspect by Kent Alexander and Kevin Salwen is a must-read book. It details how Richard Jewell was accused of being the bomber at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Instead of being a hero for saving many lives, he became the main person of interest by the FBI and the press. Former U.S. attorney Kent Alexander and former Wall Street Journal reporter Kevin Salwen reconstruct all the events leading up to, during, and after the Olympic bombing, showing how much of the law enforcement evidence was ignored, mainly because of tunnel vision.

Elise Cooper: Why did you write it now?

Kent Alexander: I have wanted to write this book for over two decades, ever since delivering Richard Jewell's clearance letter. My coauthor Kevin Salwen and I started reporting and writing The Suspect in earnest five and a half years ago. This past November, we were finally ready to publish.

EC: Do you think that Jewell is still considered by many a suspect?

KA: Not by many, but a few. One of our main characters, former FBI Special Agent Don Johnson, went to his grave convinced Richard Jewell was complicit in the Olympic bombing. He was wrong............To Read More....

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