Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The “Spiritual Redoubt” Has Fallen

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 14, 2020
The Church of England (CoE) is hiring an “expert” to investigate its “deeply, institutionally racist” history. The church will also issue an official apology. It is especially ashamed about what happened to the “Windrush Generation,” the Caribbean blacks who moved to the United Kingdom beginning in 1948 but may not yet have legal status. In April 2018, four CoE bishops called for their status be legalized and for compensation for their “loss and hurt.”

“We have damaged the church, we have damaged the image of God and most of all, we have damaged those we victimized, unconsciously very often,” said Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby this week. He also said barring “radical and decisive” action, “we will still be having this conversation in 20 years time and still doing injustice.”

He further confessed that he was “ashamed” that he didn’t always know he had “white advantage, straight advantage, male advantage.”

His efforts are pointless. No matter what the Church of England does, it will be “having this conversation in 20 years time.” It will be having it in 200 years time, assuming the Church of England and England last that long.

Enoch Powell warned that the Britain was needlessly importing the “tragic and intractable phenomenon” of race. Today, the British government wages what the Daily Express called a “campaign of aggressive discrimination against its indigenous population [white English people]” in the name of equality. The Church of England, a state church that has representation in Parliament, is part of this campaign. Its apology and the report it will eventually write on its “racist history” won’t ease racial tension. They will only encourage non-whites to complain about racism and demand more compensation.

The American Conservative’s Michael Davis, in a tribute to Sir Roger Scruton, called the Church of England “the great spiritual redoubt of the English people.” If it’s a redoubt, it has fallen..............White Christians don’t want to attend churches that shame them about racism or other newly invented “sins” that Christians 100 years ago had never heard of. A people and its faith should support each other. When clergy attack their church’s history and traditional congregations, they are undermining their own legitimacy............To Read More...............

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