Tuesday, February 18, 2020

America’s Senior Military Officers Must Be Held Accountable Under the Law

By  February 11th, 2020

Each military service has its own court of criminal appeals. This is usually a panel of three uniformed field-grade officers in the rank of lieutenant colonel or colonel, and their job is to review the thousands of courts-martial convictions. They review cases for legal error, factual sufficiency, and sentence appropriateness.  Incredibly, a sitting member of congress, himself a former military judge, told me those courts are “check the block” and “have been for a long time.” 

In this case, though, the court stepped up and acted. I was surprised to see these sycophant Army officers do the right thing for once. Anyone who has served in the Army will tell you: senior officers are bureaucratic butt-kissers. The enlisted men and women, and the junior officers, are the ones who suffer.   The senior officers care about one thing and one thing only: their careers.......To Read More....

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