Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2020: The Witching Hour on Steroids

February 24, 2020 By Steven Baird

This reads like a Tom Clancy novel on steroids. Like a bizarre merger between Debt of Honor and Executive Orders, our hero, Jack Ryan/Donald J. Trump as the Boy Scout who can't be bought, has to deal with a myriad of seemingly disparate circumstances that intertwine into a cataclysmic finish that only our hero can navigate. But unlike in a "normal" Clancy thriller, our hero is not presented with three simultaneous crises. In our real-life adventure, Trump is dealing with more than double that number.

Our in-your-face villain is the Deep State, who, in an unusual turn, has decided to come out in the open and directly come after a duly elected president. As an apparatus built for another candidate who could not lose, this antagonist is replete with secret agents, crooked cops, corrupt judges, and elitist snobs who wish to destroy our country from within. We'll throw in the entire Democrat Party, which has been co-opted by a 130-year-old "new" generation of command-and-control statists who know exactly what is good for us and who should lead.

Now stir in the billionaire boys' club that has no use for a strong America, as it goes against the final goal of a one-world order. The puppet-master of this part of our story is the man who has brazenly declared his wish for America's destruction. George Soros, through his web of non-profit "humanitarian" organizations, has ushered in liberty's destruction by purchasing battalions of basement-dwelling pajama boys to burn deep blue cities to the ground if they fail to capitulate.

Throw in the diabolical superpower that through currency manipulation and viciously unfair trade practices has managed to acquire 5% of our national debt and can burn us to the ground on a whim (again, see Debt of Honor). Mixed into this soup is a weaponized coronavirus that is now starting to make its way across the globe (see Executive Orders). If you believe that a closed society is willing to disclose the actual number of infections and death statistics, you really have not been paying attention for the last 70 years. Since China believes that it is already overpopulated, as demonstrated by its one child policy, it can more than rationalize wiping out a quarter of its population in order to wreak havoc across the globe. Since no other president has ever exhibited a "clear and present danger," and Trump has, China is looking for a twofer by reducing the number of mouths it has to feed and clearing the road for a more malleable resident of the Oval Office.........To Read More....

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