Thursday, February 27, 2020

Can You Feel the Bern?

Berning Down the Democrat Party  Brian C. Joondeph
A new wildfire has ignited in the US, worse than the recent out-of-control wildfires in Australia. This fire, rather than being fueled by dead trees and mismanaged forests, is instead fueled by Trump hatred and near dead politicians wishing to turn America into a communist dictatorship. With the media, entertainment industry, and academia fanning the flames, the fire is raging across America, threatening to “Bern” down the Democrat party. A few unexpected firefighters, like Chris Matthews and James Carville, are warning about the all-consuming fire, but their words are squirt guns against a raging inferno.  More

Bernie Sanders: Last Step in America's Slide to Socialism? Fletch Daniels
There can no longer be any doubt that Bolshevik Bernie Sanders is a runaway freight train with the Democrat establishment tied to the tracks in front of him near a stop called Super Tuesday. Sanders absolutely steamrolled the field in Nevada, creating the sadly funny optic of Joe Biden celebrating like it was 1999, apparently thrilled that Sanders won only around 2.5 times as many votes as he did. If Sanders can keep his Havana daydreaming under control, he will sail to the convention with the lion's share of the delegates provided by actual voters. Considering the voting coalition he pulled together in Nevada and the laws of political momentum, it is a good bet he may secure a majority of delegates and not just a plurality.............More

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