Friday, February 28, 2020

Pentagon policy chief's firing was part of White House purge

By Lara Seligman and Daniel Lippman
The White House demanded the ouster of Pentagon policy chief John Rood last week after the former industry executive opposed the administration on plans to pull U.S. troops from Syria and its policy toward Chinese tech giant Huawei, six current and former Trump administration officials tell POLITICO.............At the National Security Council, Rood was known for his tendency to explode at underlings, leading to a steady string of high-level departures from the Pentagon over the past year. On top of that, the NSC chafed at Rood’s opposition to several key White House agenda items.Trump’s campaign to root out “anti-Trump” members of his administration following his impeachment acquittal provided the NSC the perfect opportunity to finally oust Rood, current and former officials said..........To Read More...

My Take - Considering this appeared in Politico, it was pretty mild.  They claim others are worried this is not the end of "the purge', and they have reason for that - it isn't - it's the beginning, and after the election, it will grow.  They claim Rood was a good Republican and served admirably, which is an interesting statement from Politico.  However, I think it might be wise to ask; what's that mean?  We've come to see that serving "admirably" as a "good" Republican has come to mean being a Trump Deranged RINO. 

I've dealt with this kind of “leader” a lot in my life.  They’re arrogant, abusive, unfair, unreasoable, and only their view matters and anyone who disagrees is treated contemptuously.  Everyone has to walk on eggs around them, and make no mistake about this - they like it!  They're bullies, which means they're also cowards. 

Well, if he’s right about everything, maybe that’s acceptable.  Not to me, but maybe others can accept that, if he’s always right.  But from what I’ve already read, he’s not only not right, he seems to be not right a lot.  He’s clearly embracing narratives that would make him acceptable to a corrupted Deep State Bush/Obama foreign policy crowd, all of whom need to be purged

Over the years, for whatever reason, I seem to be able to trigger this kind of attitude, temper tantrums and abusive behavior in these kinds of seriously flawed “leaders”.  The military is full of them.  In the military, there's not much you can do about it.   However, in civilian life, mistaking amiability for weakness can be a serious error in judgement.   In many ways Trump reminds me of me, and mistaking Trump for a fool is an even bigger error judgement. 

I hated the officers when I was in the Navy.  I still hate the officers.  This guy epitomizes why!  I have no doubt there’s a lot of schadenfreude (a delightful sin) going on at the National Security Council right now.   I don’t even know him and I’m feeling schadenfreude. 

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