Friday, February 21, 2020

Post Nevada Comments and Thoughts

By Rich Kozlovich

I have the pleasure of belonging to a eclectic e-mail group that represents both sides of the spectrum, from very liberal to very conservative.  I may be wrong, but I’m under the impression I may be the only one without advanced education, so it’s an intelligent and interesting group.

Best yet, it never gets unpleasant beyond a very low level. If a topic comes up where there’s never going to be agreement, we just stop talking about it.

The lady who organizes all this effort is the daughter of a retired physicist who used to follow P&D daily. He became an internet friend who was very complimentary, even sending my commentaries out to his friends on occasion, but he was always sending me lots of stuff to use. Since my friend Maury has passed, his daughter does so now.

Yesterday I posted the article, Thoughts on the Debate in Nevada and I thought her response to me was so great it should be published, with highlights from me. 
Nice synopsis Rich. I actually did watch it - frankly it was hilarious! A real "get'cher popcorn!" affair. It also was a huge angry hate-fest. Shoot, at one point it got so bad that they were all yelling over each other for a bit, and the moderators couldn't even get them back in line! At one point, you could see steam coming out of Bernie's ears and his face literally turned an amazingly bright scarlet he was so angry!!  
Anyhow, what made it watchable, however, was this time rather than nothing but the "me too, only better!" (there was still lots of that), they really right out of the starting gate began absolutely shredded each other. They weren't pulling any punches, and the moderators gleefully piled on. I mean, the entire thing was nothing but a huge ad for the Republicans! 
A note, when it comes to discussing the economy - the bits you quoted were right, they really didn't discuss the economy. There was, however, a tremendous amount of bickering over who's insane far left policy would cost how much (yes it would! no it wouldn't! Sheesh - little children bickering)... with some accusations leveled of "you have no way to pay for it!" but very, very little in the way of any actual discussion of how they supposedly would pay for anything. Warren of course went off on her "wealth tax" that will supposedly pay for everything but which expert after expert has said wouldn't even cover a fraction of her policies. So that was about it when it came to the economy.  
But the whole thing was such a massive slug fest with them all attacking each other that it was pretty amazing and funny. And horrifically sad, considering the office they're running for. We're doomed if any of these clowns actually got in office - they can't even control themselves in a simple debate, refuse to face reality when it comes to the cost of their proposed policies (not to mention utterly refusing to actually consider what the effect of those policies would be and how utterly destructive they are.  
Anyhow, maybe I'm perverse, but this was by far the easiest debate to watch thus far.   
She went on to comment others of our group may have also watched it and wanted their input.  One thing I really have to say.  I do admire her for her fortitude, and any of the others of our group who also may have watched this debate or any of the others.

Much has been written about the lack of content, and how the moderators must have been protecting them from their own stated policies.  Policies that are out of line with most Americans.

Not only did they fail to discuss the economy and national debt, they failed to discuss foreign policy, as this Breitbart article points out:
............topics such as the nearly two-decade-old war in Afghanistan, China’s attempts to colonize the South China Sea, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela went unmentioned……….Africa did not make any appearances during the debate. Nor did the Middle East, despite escalating global crises in both Syria and Iraq, the persistence of the Yemeni civil war, and the tenuous state of the Iranian regime, now crippled by years of President Trump’s sanctions and the loss, at the American military’s hand, of its terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani. Other key parts of western Asia to American foreign policy, like Pakistan and Afghanistan, also went unmentioned……
Also , according to the article there was little or no discussion regarding foreign policy for Latin America, South America or Mexico.  

Another Breitbart article points out that only Sen. Amy Klobuchar was asked about immigration issues, specifically “about the Minnesota Senator’s plan to provide amnesty to all 3.5 million illegal aliens enrolled and eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.” 

The article goes on to state:
 No other candidate was asked a question about their immigration plans and no other immigration question was asked by the debate moderators despite Nevada’s enormous foreign-born population of more than 550,000 residents, making up almost 20 percent of the state’s entire population.............
Last year, multiple surveys revealed that moderate Democrat primary voters were turned off by the mass immigration plans of 2020 Democrats, along with swing voters who are six percentage points less likely to vote for a Democrat who supports policies like free healthcare for illegal...............
There are now 62 million immigrants and their U.S.-born children residing in the country, a record high, and nearly half of the residents in the country’s five largest cities speak another language other than English in their home.
Why did the moderators fail to make this a major part of the discussion?  Especially since “the open borders lobby has demanded that each candidate running promise to end all deportations of every illegal alien living in the United States.”

As Andrea Widburg pointed out:
It wasn’t pretty. They were the six unappealing dwarfs -- Supercilious, Shrill, Angry, Confused, Smug . . .Not a single person on the stage is a leader or a statesman. Without exception, they are small people, and that’s true with or without standing on boxes. There’s something almost tragic about the fact that the essence of the Democrat Party – the oldest continuously existing political party in the world – has been reduced to these six uninspiring, unqualified people.
When you see this kind of thing it's hard to know whether to laugh at their antics, or cry for the nation, and the young who've been lured into breathing the fumes of this leftist fever swamp. If my grandfather was still alive he would have shook his head in disgust and used a Serbian phrase meaning "no shame".

Perhaps the nation should be thankful for that lack of shame, and their inability to recognize how shameful they are. 

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