Monday, February 24, 2020

Process Crimes, Journalism, Treason and the Deep State

By Rich Kozlovich

Once again Monica Showalter has thrust a spear into the heart of the matter with her article, More sleeping with sources in the swamp: Trump-hating DIA analyst pleads guilty to leaks to honeytrap reporter saying:
Ali Watkins, it seems, wasn't the only one. The still-employed New York Times reporter set a new low bar in swamp journalism by sleeping with her sources, in her case Senate intelligence staffer James Wolfe, who got a two-month jail sentence for leaks to her, but in her case, ended only in her reassignment to the Times' New York City desk.
She was also in the running for a Pulitzer Prize for the articles she wrote based on these leaks.

Molly Hemingway reporting on this stated:
Legendary New York Times editor Abe Rosenthal once fired a newly hired reporter when he learned she’d had an intimate relationship with one of the people she reported on at her previous newspaper. Michael Goodwin explains what happened next:
Word of the incident spread quickly through the newsroom, and several female reporters complained to Rosenthal. They argued that the woman was treated unfairly, at which point Abe raised his finger for silence and said something to this effect: ‘I don’t care if you screw (He didn't say screw by the way. RK) an elephant on your personal time, but then you can’t cover the circus for the paper.’
Mollie Hemingway goes on to say:
Government overreach absolutely is an issue. But so are journalism ethics, the mishandling of classified information, and threats against congressional oversight. The Department of Justice announced in June that it arrested a former Senate staffer and charged him with lying to the FBI about his voluminous contacts with reporters who broke stories based on leaks of classified and sensitive information he was privy to. James Wolfe, 57, spent nearly 30 years on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence before leaving his director of security post, where he was responsible for receiving, maintaining, managing, and safeguarding the committee’s classified information....   
(Editor's Note: There much more here, please read the entire article which demonstrates the depths of corruption. RK)
He got a two-month jail sentence.  Two months for treason?  Really?   Or, perhaps this doesn't smell like treason to anyone else other than me?

Showalter states:
Now we have a less-politically prominent official, 30-year-old Defense Intelligence Agency bureaucrat Henry Kyle Frese, who's in the news for pleading guilty to leaking big classified secrets surrounding the defense capabilities of North Korea and China to his lover-reporter, CNBC national security correspondent Amanda Macias, and then, at her request, to her good pal NBC national security correspondent Courtney Kube. Court documents show that he had 630 phone calls and at least 57 text messages with Macias, and 34 phone calls and 151 text messages with Kube.  
The two women were both Trump haters based on their Twitter posts, slanting their coverage to make the president look bad through the use of classified secrets as if to contradict him, leaving him unable to use Twitter to either trick our enemies or else dismiss the reports. They took the eight top-secret reports Frese leaked to do that, and then boosted each other publicly on Twitter while communicating privately through its messaging system. .............
It would appear Frese is going to face some harsh punishment, and rightly so, but what about these "journalists"?   Whether both of these women were intimately involved with Frese or not isn't known to me, but for those whose who do practice this kind of "journalism", for all intents and purposes it must be properly define as prostitution. 

Prostitution is the word used to describe actions by someone who receives something of value for delivering sexual favors.  Prostitution in order to attain Top Secret information they shared with the world.    Isn't that what occurred?  Or did I miss something?

Working to attain unauthorized Top Secret information via prostitution or any other means for that matter, is called spying.   Isn't it?  So, if they're spies, why isn't this treason on the part of all of them? I'm the only one who sees it that way?   Or, once again, perhaps I missed something? 

Showalter calls this "lovebird honeytrap journalism", saying:
 "it's becoming more and more the norm as none of these reporters ends up seriously punished"......."None of them are facing arrest for knowingly printing stolen classified information, although that may change with this one..........Don't think that they are outliers breaking the rules, either. Here's a gag-inducing piece of fluff touting Kube on her birthday in 2018 from Politico.  To Politico, she's a celebrity............
Roger Stone was sentenced to over three years for what's called "Process Crimes".  The corrupt prosecutors on this case recommended eight to ten years to a corrupt judge and a corrupt jury forman. Let's take a look at this by defining what a process crime is.
"Process crimes are the offenses that "interfere with the procedures and administration of justice". They are prosecuted because they are considered to harm the public interest in the functioning and integrity of the judicial system. There is a broad range of process crimes, covered in the U.S. by a variety of federal and state laws. Mar 5 2019"
Now, that's a definition allows for a lot of abuse, and the FBI and the DOJ have taken advantage of it.  Then we see people who've leak classified information who are given a slap on the wrist, and in the case of "journalists", nothing happens of consequence!

Every one of these leakers took an oath to preserve these secrets.  I know that for a fact, because I took such an oath many years ago, and all the documents I signed made it clear that to violate that oath was a serious crime, and punishment would be severe.  In order to get their clearances they had to have taken an oath similiar to the one I took and signed similar documents to the kind I signed.  Documents that clearly outlined and explained to them before they were signed what was expected of them. 

They "knew" what they were doing was treason.   Period!  

Or, then again, maybe not.  Maybe that oath was only meant for me.   Nah, it don't work that way!  To quote Marcellus in Shakespeare’s Hamlet , "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!"

The EPA used to say there's no training program as effective as a good civil penalty.  Well, if that's true, then there's no lesson learned about treason as a good as criminal penalty and corresponding jail time.


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