Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What Really Makes Democrats and Republicans Different

By Mike Konrad February 17, 2020     
The Republicans have their flaws, but a lack of unity is not one of them.  The one thing that distinguishes Republicans from Democrats is a national vision.  The Democratic Party, since its inception, has never had a national vision, but rather has been a coalition of often hostile constituencies.   The Democratic Party today embraces sharia-compliant females — à la Brooklyn's Linda Sarsour and Minnesota's Ihlan Omar — along with hyper-feminists and LBGT constituencies.

The Democrats also embrace expansive abortion rights and seem to be moving to the point of legalizing abortion up to the minute of birth.  New York State has legalized such a broad definition.

Ironically, Islamic countries and culture are notoriously restrictive with abortion and lethal to any LBGTs who fall into their hands.  So why would practicing Muslims, such as Mmes. Sarsour and Omar, attach themselves to the Democratic Party?  How do the two of them reconcile Islamic culture's honor killing, repression of sexuality, and mutilation of women with the Democratic Party's acceptance of sexual deviance?  Likewise, how does the Democratic Party reconcile these ladies' embrace of a retrograde creed?

This article has a list of 13 countries where homosexual activity is punishable by death.  All but one of them are Muslim nations, and the thirteenth nation (Nigeria) is roughly split, with the death penalty being applied only in the Muslim north of the country.  So why in the world would a party that supports abortion, homosexuality, transgender rights, etc. embrace Islamic sharia-observant women in politics?

There are other issues.  How does one reconcile extreme green politics (which crushes business) with promises of good-paying jobs for union workers?  This is the weakness of the Democratic Party.  It is a jumbled mess of constituencies that are objectively hostile to one another.  This is not a recent development.  This has been the Democratic Party's modus operandi throughout history..........To Read More....

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