Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Mitt Romney reframes himself as a ‘severely conservative’ governor

By David A. Fahrenthold

Let us try to tell the story of Mitt Romney, “severely conservative” governor.  Perhaps it should start in 2002, when Romney was campaigning in Massachusetts. “I’m not a partisan Republican,” Romney said. “I’m someone who is moderate, and . . . my views are progressive.”

No, that doesn’t quite fit — not with Romney’s recent re-telling of his political life story. Last week, Romney told right-wing activists that he had been a “severely” conservative governor.
Perhaps that severity didn’t show itself until the end of his single term. Back then, Romney held a ceremony complete with drummers and tootling fifes to celebrate his bipartisan health-care bill.
“It’s now my pleasure to introduce my collaborator and friend,” Romney said. “Senator Edward Kennedy.”
Perhaps not.

This much is true: Romney worked to cut spending, to stop same-sex marriage, and to bring back the state’s death penalty. But Romney also frequently sought compromises with a Democratic legislature. And when he couldn’t win, he often gave up............To Read More....

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