Saturday, February 22, 2020

Meet the Boss!

"Curses, like chickens, come home to roost. When federal judges decided long ago to become lawmakers with lifetime tenure, rather than impartial adjudicators adhering to the Constitution, they cursed themselves."

By Rich Kozlovich

When Trump first became President, he started his tweeting, and I thought:  What's with this? He was criticized, mocked, laughed at and vilified saying this was further proof he shouldn't be President of the United States.  He didn't know what he was talking about!  He was lying!  He was -unpresidential!

Well, as time went by I realized what he was doing.  He was fighting back, hitting hard and rattling cages that needed to be rattled.

This was so unlike the Bush's who were "presidential" and sat there foolishly taking the abuse heaped upon their heads by the media and the left without responding.  The Bush's; now that's the media and Democrat view of what being presidential means for a Republican.  There's only one problem with that kind of thinking.  That's not Trump's definition of presidential, and his definition is the one that counts.

He was now using the bully pulpit to by-pass a virulently antagonistic media, a virulently radical Democrat party and virulently antagonistic Deep State conspirators in his own administration in order to go directly to America.  Unfiltered, unfettered, undeterred, and as time would prove, mostly right. 

On February 21, 2020 J.B. Shurk posted the article How Trump Made the Federal Courts Blink saying:
A quick back-and-forth occurred over the last week between President Trump and the nation's federal judges. After lying to Attorney General Barr about seeking a minimum sentence, the prosecutors in the Roger Stone case (including two from the Mueller Crew) entered a harsh sentencing recommendation that he serve a decade behind bars for lying to Congress.  
President Trump rightly criticized the prosecutors for their double standard in persecuting one of his political allies while leaving Hillary, Huma, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, and countless others free to lie, destroy evidence, and obstruct investigations with impunity.  
The president lit into Judge Amy Berman Jackson while Twitter-jousting by noting that she had not only presided over this political prosecution, gagging Roger Stone in the process, but also allowed the malicious prosecution of the president's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, denying him bail and leaving him in solitary confinement during his trial.  
Well, the Deep State collectively fainted. The four lying prosecutors resigned (as if they had planned this theatric episode beforehand). The press called President Trump a dictator. And the leadership of the 1,100-member Federal Judges Association called for an "emergency meeting" that simply "could not wait." Clearly, the Judicial Branch was gearing up for an unprecedented rebuke of the sitting president.   
A funny thing happened, however, on the way to the courthouse. .........Please read the article in full here. 
It turns out this whole thing with Stone, Manafort and Flynn have turned into an exposé on the corruption of the Justice Department, FBI, and the federal judiciary, and quite frankly showing what I consider serious violations of the Constitution.

Tucker Carlson has called for Judge Amy Berman Jackson's impeachment, saying she's a "Democratic activist wearing robes".  He goes on to list her violations of judicial ethics, calling them scary.  And he's right. 

Barr has said all these tweets make his job harder.  Really?  A few tweets over the last week have gotten more justice than all of Barr's efforts in the last year, including letting a clearly guilty McCabe off scot least at this point. If Barr and America want justice, then Barr and America need to thank Trump for his tweets. 

There's talk that Barr wants to quit, then there's talk that's all fake news.  I don't know which is true, but I think Barr has gotten the message.  Trump is the boss not you, and Trump's tweets trump the Deep State and all their allies in government.  Get over it. 

We should probably take a look at what the Constitution says about the President's power.  All Executive power resides in the President of the United States, not the cabinet, not the Congress, not the Judiciary, not the bureaucracy.  The President of the United States.  He is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, not Barr or the head of the FBI. 

Somehow they seem to keep forgetting Donald Trump really is he President of the United States.  His job really is to run the country.  Really!!!!!

As for Cabinet officers, Wikipedia states:
The United States Constitution does not explicitly establish a Cabinet. The Cabinet's role, inferred from the language of the Opinion Clause (Article II, Section 2, Clause 1) of the Constitution, is to serve as an advisory body to the president of the United States. Additionally, the Twenty-fifth Amendment authorizes the vice president, together with a majority of certain members of the Cabinet, to declare the president "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office"............ George Washington, the first U.S. president, organized his principal officers into a Cabinet, and it has been part of the executive branch structure ever since. Washington's Cabinet consisted of five members: himself, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of War Henry Knox and Attorney General Edmund Randolph.
Cabinet officers are employees of the Federal government appointed by the President of the United States and they work for the Chief Executive, the President.  And that includes Barr, the Justice Department and all the rest of the law enforcement agencies and officers in the federal government. 

According to Shruk three things have become clear to the American public:
(1) the Deep State criminally conspired to prevent Donald Trump's presidency,
(2) the actors involved should be imprisoned or immediately fired from the federal government, 
(3) it is likely that no criminal punishment of any kind will actually occur.    
Talk about a damning indictment of America's criminal justice system!
Shruk ends his article saying:
Those Americans living between the coasts have watched this slow-moving train wreck with increasing horror. The FBI and Justice Department have done everything in their power to torment President Trump by pursuing process crimes against his associates............we wait to see whether U.S. attorney John Durham and Attorney General Barr actually have the intestinal fortitude to help right the ship of justice, most of us have given up holding our breath.  
Patience may well move mountains, but abused patience turns to fury...........With President Trump unafraid of standing up to a coequal branch of the federal government, the Judiciary may finally receive the comeuppance it deserves. One thing is certain: if he is ever to receive justice of any kind, President Trump must first take on the justice system.
Does America want justice?  Then Trump needs to keep tweeting, and Barr and everyone else in America need to get over it.

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