Thursday, February 27, 2020

Sorry, Democrats: Party's Over

By E.M. Cadwaladr

There is something deeply satisfying about watching the ironically named Democratic Party consume itself at every turn. I have tried to summon up some human pity for the carnage -- but frankly I just can’t.

If Joe Biden weren’t a corrupt, crude, shallow, self-righteous fondler of people’s children I could probably muster some sympathy for him. There he stands behind the bright blue podium, almost dizzy under the lights, recounting past accomplishments no one ever heard of. He is a creature beyond his time -- a sad figure who has made the subtle crossover from predictable dishonesty into agonized dementia. But Joe is a corrupt, crude, shallow, self-righteous fondler of people’s children. His dementia only makes his ugly nature more apparent. I think they park him next to Bernie mainly to ensure he doesn’t shamble over and sniff Amy Klobuchar’s hair. Joe has fallen in the polls and he can’t get up.

The days of formidable Democratic villains like Slick Willie have ebbed away..........Schadenfreude is, perhaps, the most delicious of all sins. .........To Read More....

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