Monday, August 21, 2017

Left Vilifies Trump as World Burns

Larry Klayman sees double standard in how Obama was covered on race

By Larry Klayman WND August 18, 2017

Ironically, having lived through the Clinton White House years as the founder, chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch, which I conceived of at the time to be the People's Justice Department (Freedom Watch now occupies that mantle), I always said that the media's focus on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which I never thought that important given the 40-plus other Clinton scandals, allowed Osama bin Laden to plot the September 11 terror attacks as the nation was titillated with an intern and a low-class president. My tag line at the time, was that while Slick Willy was having sex with Monica, it was the nation that was about to get screwed. This same dangerous phenomenon is sadly true today, as the media and the political establishment of both parties have not learned their lesson — at the continuing expense of the American people..........And, while the cowards of the Republican establishment joined in the hateful chorus against President Trump, including many who pretend to be conservative cable news commentators, like Shepard Smith – all of whom are petrified of also being called white racists if they do not throw their lot in with the left – the nation is being dangerously diverted from focusing on the real threat of more terrorism on our shores, as just occurred in Barcelona. There are also the looming nuclear showdowns with North Korea and its equally evil partner, Iran, as well as other dangerous foreign threats........  Continue Reading.....

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