Thursday, August 31, 2017

Angela Merkel Says She Wouldn’t Change the Way She Handled the Refugee Crisis

Jon Stone, Independent, August 29, 2017
Angela Merkel has said she has no qualms about her decision to open Germany’s doors to refugees in 2015, arguing that the policy was “humane” and a reaction to an emergency situation.  German Chancellor said she was convinced that she had made the right decision to allow safe passage – for which she took a political hit in Germany and which appears to have driven the rise of the right-wing populist AfD party.

“All important decisions of the year 2015 I would make again,” she told German publication Welt, referring to the decision to allow refugees free passage into Germany.   She said the policy was justified in that year because of the emergency situation during that particular period.  “At that time, Germany had acted in a very difficult and humane manner,” she added.......To Read More.....

My Take - One of the things that becomes apparent for those who follow leftists, along with their policies is - the left has some real difficulties with truth, history and consistency - except in one area.  The left is consistently stupid.  What is shocking is how stupid are the German people when it's clear she's going to be returned to her leadership role as Chancellor.   She's literally destroying German society and they like her. 

 Just how stupid is that?

Well, there's an economic downturn on the horizon and when that happens - we're going to see civil wars all over Europe, the EU will cease to exist, and the current multicultural socialists will be replaced with nationalist socialist, and bloodshed will be what ushers in that change. 

Hard to believe?  Why?  It's happened many times in the past and since people will always be people - it will happen again - the only question is when. 

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