Monday, August 28, 2017

Feel the Bern: Hunger eats away at Venezuela’s soul as its people struggle to survive

This the reality of a Socialist Paradise

Hunger is gnawing at Venezuela, where a government that claims to rule for the poorest has left most of its 31 million people short of food, many desperately so. As night falls over Caracas, and most of the city’s residents lock their doors against its ever more violent streets, Adriana Velásquez gets ready for work, heading out into an uncertain darkness as she has done since hunger forced her into the only job she could find at 14.

She was introduced to her brothel madam by a friend more than two years ago after her mother, a single parent, was fired and the two ran out of food. “It was really hard, but we were going to bed without eating,” said the teenager, whose name has been changed to protect her........The number of children with severe malnutrition who were admitted to the hospital rose from 30 in 2015 to 110 last year, and looks set to climb further this year based on figures from the first half of the year, she said. There has been a subtle shifting in the nature of the problems parents face. Formula for babies who can’t be breastfed was hard to track down anywhere last year, with shortages so severe they claimed the lives of newborns...........To Read More......

My Take -  The long-term effects on malnourished children is incalculable because so much development occurs in the first few years of life.  Nutrient deficiencies early in life can have major implications for these young children and the society in which they live. 

We must understand there's so much foundational development taking place in these children’s first years of life the lack of proper nutrition will not only have short term consequences - but major long-term consequences that will plague a society for decades. 

Immunization deficiencies.  Growth problems. Cognitive issues such as ADD, poor learning ability, lower IQ, difficulty socializing, poor problem solving abilities and even a difficulty in language development.  None of these issues can be resolved with proper nutrition later in life. This is the doom of these poor children This is the crime against humanity Chavez, Maduro and their socialist mob are guilty of.

Let's see if the World Court goes after them. 


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