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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back to School Blues: Visiting a Private School and a Public School Makes Betsy DeVos an Enemy of Teachers?

Even though it remains mainly an idea, school choice continues to terrify the monopolists.

Hunt Lawrence and Daniel J. Flynn August 30, 2017, 1:01 pm
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited a public school and a private school in Florida on Tuesday. The representatives of teachers at one type of school took it as a declaration of war of sorts upon them that DeVos paid a visit to the other type of school.

“It’s no surprise that Betsy DeVos will be visiting a private school among her stops in Tallahassee,” Florida Education Association President Joanne McCall reacted in a statement. “She has long shown her opposition to public schools, her support for unfettered vouchers and for-profit charter school chains and her desire to privatize all education in this nation.”

The distorted lens that sees trips to public and private schools as an insult to the government-funded institutions strikes as analogous to the notion that supporting vouchers for the minority of parents who choose private schools amounts to a desire to shutter public schools......To Read More...

My Take - Once again we have a failure of definition leading to a lack of clarity.  The first question that should be asked is: Whose money is it?  It's the taxpayers money.  The second question that needs asking is:  Whose children are they?  They are the taxpayers children.   The Third question that needs asking is:  Whose the better judge of what's good for their children - the parents, the teachers, the teacher's union or politicians? 

This has gone long past deciding as to which is better - private or public - we already know public education in America stinks.  Are there expectations?  Yes - but so what?  Let the parents look over the educational scene in their area and make the decision where and how their money should be spent.

These politicians, teachers and teacher's unions need to understand once and for all - this isn't your money, these are not your kids, these schools don't belong to you, public education wasn't created for your benefit.  These schools belong to the taxpayers for the benefit of their children and teachers are nothing more than hired help.  Hired help salutes, says - yes sir - and does as their told.  Unless they're a part of this corrupt cabal of educators and their political allies.   It's time they found out otherwise.  Vouchers are a good start.


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