Thursday, August 24, 2017

North Carolina Man Charged With 2016 Election Vote Tampering

By Andrew West August 22, 2017

Many democrats are still awfully sore about the results of the 2016 primaries, and with good reason:  Their party completely botched the entire thing. First and foremost was the collusion between the Hillary Clinton and, well, everybody.  The Clinton campaign was caught red handed in a number of scandals during the election of 2016, but none was more impactful than the revelation that they had worked with Debbie Wassermann Schutlz and the DNC in order to nullify the ample threat that Bernie Sanders posed to Clinton’s “inevitable” candidacy............And then the left revealed the true scope of their audacity by repeatedly and forcibly claiming that there was no reason to believe that voter fraud would occur, or, posthumously, had occurred during the primaries…despite ample evidence to the contrary.............To Read More...

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