Sunday, August 27, 2017

Muscovite Prostitute Dossier STILL Unverifiable After Senate Testimony

By Andrew West August 23, 2017

The left’s persistence regarding their wild Russian conspiracy theory is fading quickly after each and every piece of their pathetic puzzle falls away. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been toiling away for weeks on an investigation supposedly linked to the Trump campaign’s connection to the Kremlin, based solely on the wildly illogical liberal theory that The Donald is a Russian double agent who became President of the United States.

In reality, Mueller’s probe has undergone seemingly endless redirections, with concerns coming from the administration about the legitimacy of the entire debacle. Mueller has been granted access to a number of personal pieces of information regarding Donald Trump, none of which fall into line with the Russian theory, possibly in hopes of gaining other ammunition against the Commander in Chief for when the left finally throws in the towel on this Kremlin nonsense......To Read More.....

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