Sunday, August 27, 2017

Antifa’s Violent Racism Gets Official Designation from U.N

By Andrew West August 24, 2017

The reality of America’s radical leftist problem has finally come to light in recent weeks, as groups such as Antifa continue to divide our nation. Following the election of 2016, the democrats woefully attempted to combat the “Donald Depression” by cranking forward with a number of ambitious plans aimed at bringing America back together. Unfortunately, these plans were derailed by Hillary Clinton’s incessant and undeniable corruption.

In a great many cases, the world took a collective look inside and dismissed the trendy little organization as an entirely unworthy worry Now, in the wake of the manufactured Battle of Charlottesville, the political left is continuing to push their “social justice” nonsense to create excuses for their violence. Their latest tirade has received quite a bit of attention, including quick look from the United Nations........To Read More....

My Take - Another good reason for abandoning the U.N. 

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