Friday, August 25, 2017

Maury's Thought For the Day

By Rich Kozlovich

I receive daily e-mails from my friend Maury Siskel, a retired scientist in Texas. Some are of a serious nature, which I appreciate because Maury seems to read extensively. He also shares that information - including some of my articles with a large list of people - and he's a legitimate conservative.

Depending on the topic and my schedule I try to investigate the information and link the articles. At other times the information he may send me off in a new direction to work on an article of my own. Either way - Maury has been a great source for me for some years now.

Then there are the jokes.

Some I just laugh at - especially about the vagaries of old people - Maury is in his 80's and I'm 71 - and then delete them. I don't normally resend them or even post them. However, occasionally I share one with you because the joke has broad implications. Here's one joke about Chicago that's always been considered "real" and funny.

This is Maury's thought for the day.

My Uncle Frank was a staunch Conservative, and voted straight Republican
until the day he died in Chicago.............Since then he has voted Democrat.

Best wishes and have a good weekend,

Rich Kozlovich

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