Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kathy Griffin says she’s “No Longer Sorry” about Faux-Beheading Trump

By Onan Coca August 30, 2017

D-List Celebrity Kathy Griffin seems to be attempting to worm her way back into the public conscience just a few months after being shunned for disgusting faux-beheading of President Trump.
You may remember in the days after her “joke” she made the rounds tearfully apologizing for her bad judgment, promising anyone who would listen that she realized how disgusting what she’d done was.

Apparently, Griffin has since decided that the cultural tide has turned in her favor and that most Americans are now cool with violence because she’s retracting her apology and blaming Trump for her bad taste........To Read More....

My Take - And we're surprised she's now recanting her recantation.  Griffin is now, has always been,  and will always be a bottom feeder.  The only thing she regretted was her loss of potential income and the possibility the FBI or Secret Service might be coming after her.  It's illegal to threaten the President of the United States, and it clearly was her intent to inflame people to undertake this murderous task.  She still needs to be prosecuted.....and then we'll really see the tears flow with another recantation of her recantation of her first recantation. 

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