Sunday, August 27, 2017

Progressives Facing Existential PR Damage from Charlottesville

By Pem Schaeffer

Moral superiority is the lily-white garb donned by progressive true believers to shore up their self-image as charitable guardian angels of lesser beings.  It feeds on constant virtue-signaling to keep the image pure, broadcast to an array of identity groups who eat up their public self-reverence.

The archenemy of their moral superiority is the merest hint of moral equivalence (whatever that is!) with apostates on the right.  Such a suggestion is an existential threat to progressive supremacy and simply must not be abided.  Embrace of their supremacy demands they reflexively label challengers as bigots, racists, sexists, evil, Nazis, homophobes, climate-deniers, transphobes, or whatever else fits the circumstances of the moment.

Almost without exception, embracing moral superiority doctrine and its specific tactics, besides signaling the virtuous superiority of the user, is intended to summarily end debate or discussion.  Rather than respond to counterpoints or questions coming from non-believers, it's easier to cast the respondent as morally inferior.  Such thinking allows progressive supremacists to lift up the likes of Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd to legendary status in the annals of liberal socio-political purity. ........Read more

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