Monday, August 28, 2017

Elites to Trump: Stand Still While We Punch You

They still can’t understand why a Republican would be “crazy” enough to fight back.

George Neumayr August 25, 2017

One of the media’s favorite shams is to trot out some grave-looking, slow-talking Washington mandarin like Jim Clapper to question the moral and mental “fitness” of Donald Trump to lead the country.

It is impossible to watch these oh-so-pained interviews without laughing. Clapper, after all, is a confirmed perjurer whose deliberate lie to Congress about collecting personal data on Americans went unprosecuted because of the crookedness of Obama’s Justice Department. Yet CNN’s histrionic man-child Don Lemon treated Clapper like a moral colossus, listening with bated breath as he slowly unburdened himself of his deep anxieties about the president. .............Unlike a long line of neutered Republican presidents who cowered before the media, Trump refuses to be a chump. That is a mark not of insanity but of commendable self-respect.........To Read More........

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